11 New Awesome Features with eClincher

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Thank you for all the awesome feedback you’ve provided! It’s what helps drive development here at eClincher. It was a busy month in June and we are excited to let you know about the new features we released:

Video support for Facebook and Twitter

Love video? So do we. Video has become a huge part of social media and with eClincher, you can now publish posts with video attachments to both Twitter and Facebook. Video can be used to showcase product announcements, show how to do something, showcase events and more. According to a report by Cisco, by 2019:

  • Video will account for 80 percent of global internet traffic
  • Nearly a million minutes of video will be shared every second
  • It would take an individual 5 million years to watch the all the video that will be shared each month

If you aren’t using this medium, now may be a good time to start.

Twitter video file requirements:

  • Video size: 15MB
  • Supported video format: mp4 – mov
  • Video length: up to 30 seconds
  • Frame rate should be 40fps or less
  • Aspect ratio: between 1:3 and 3:1
  • Dimensions: between 32 x 32 and 1280 x 1024


Facebook video file requirements:

  • Video size: 1GB
  • Supported video format: mp4 – mov – avi
  • Video length: up to 20 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16 and 16:9


eClincher Video attachment support

Post Preview

Ever wondered if your post would look right when publishing to multiple social media platforms? Nothing is worse than finding out that a post wasn’t formatted correctly or that the image didn’t post right. Now, there’s no more guessing. While you compose your message, attach an image or add a link, eClincher will show you a post preview for each social media profile you select to ensure that everything looks the way you want it to. This saves you the time of having to periodically check your posts on the individual social media channels.

eClincher Post Preview

Link Click Tracking

Determining the ROI of social media is hard enough and not knowing how people found your sight or online offering can be nearly impossible without some sort of tracking code. UTM codes can be used to help track your visitors and when running social media campaigns from eClincher, you can now track link clicks for every post you publish by having eClincher automatically add UTM codes to your links. Setting this up is very simple. Just go to Post settings, select Google shortener and add a description or keywords to the UTM entries (source, medium, content, campaign). Once you save the google shortener with the UTM entries, it will automatically be added to any link you add in the compose message box. Adding UTM codes will allow you to track link clicks for specific campaigns via Google Analytics. See more information below regarding UTM codes.

More information on UTM parameters:

When adding parameters to a URL, you should use utm_source, utm_medium, utm_content, and utm_campaign for tracking additional information:

  • utm_source: Identify the advertiser, site, publication, etc. that is sending traffic to your property, for example: google, newsletter4, billboard
  • utm_medium: The advertising or marketing medium, for example: cpc, banner, email newsletter
  • utm_content: Used to differentiate similar content, or links within the same ad. For example, if you have two call-to-action links within the same email message, you can use utm_content and set different values for each so you can tell which version is more effective.
    utm_campaign: The individual campaign name, slogan, promo code, etc. for a product.

Twitter Publishing Format Enhancement

We enhanced our Twitter publishing format for posting with URL’s. Just like in the native Twitter app, if the link you post includes the Twitter meta tags, the post will now include the Title, Description and Image. The URL format detection will be displayed in the proper format inside the eClincher publishing interface, as well. If the link does not contain Twitter meta tags, the image will be added as an attached image. See examples below.

Post with URL (URL contains Twitter meta tag) will be published in scrape format:

Post with URL with Twitter meta tags

Post with URL (URL does not contain Twitter meta tags) will be published with image:

Post with URL without Twitter meta tags

If you want to check whether the website/URL includes Twitter meta tags, paste the URL into publishing text area in eClincher or check with the Twitter’s Card/URL Validator – Twitter Card/URL validator.

Branded Bitly Account Integration

Bitly is one of the most popular link shortening tools and many organizations use a branded Bitly account. In eClincher, you can use our default Bitly to shorten your links or use your own branded Bitly shortener account. You can now add one or more Bitly accounts via Add & Manage Accounts to take more control of the content you share.

Twitter Inbox Enhancement

Tweets/Mentions are great, but sometimes you need to move a conversation to a private message, like a DM. Earlier this year, Twitter built in a new tool to do just this and now you have the ability to do it right from  the eClincher Unified Social Inbox. When replying to Twitter mentions, you can now request to move the conversation to a private DM. You simply check the box to request a private DM. The recipient will need to approve the request, and if they do, Twitter will modify the public tweet conversation to private DM. This can be extremely useful when asking for sensitive information or customer service related message that you don’t want the rest of the world to see.

Request to switch to private DM1-min

Twitter Follow/Following in Feeds

To make it even easier to see who you are connected to and connect with those you want to, we added Follow/Following buttons inside the Twitter live feeds (mentions, Custom Search feeds..). You can now find new contacts based on keywords and quickly follow or unfollow them right from within your feeds.

Follow following in feeds, eClincher

Auto Post Queue Drag and Drop

You can now move individual posts and re-order your queue any way you like. Simply Drag and Drop any post within your queue and click “Save Order” to save your changes. There is still the option to ‘Shuffle Order’, but our new Drag and Drop feature allows you to take total control of the order of your posts.

eClincher Auto Post drag and drop in Calendar

Twitter Search Operator added to Twitter Custom Search Feeds

You now have the ability to search with “OR” between keywords in our Twitter Custom Search Feeds. This new feature gives you more control of your search results. For example, you can now search for keyword1 OR keyword2 and see results for either keyword.

eClincher Twitter Search OR

Twitter Analytics/Influencers

When viewing the influencers and people who re-tweeted you the most via your Twitter account analytics, you can now export these tables to a CSV file.

Auto Post/Bulk Upload Enhancement (upload posts from CSV file)

eClincher is constantly working on performance enhancements to make the experience the best it can be for our clients. We recently improved performance for bulk uploading posts via a CSV file by 2X. Test it out. You can bulk upload up to 250 posts at a time.

Thank you, the eClincher team.

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