How To Automatically Publish Every Blog Post To Your Social Media

Creating and writing content is probably the most time consuming task of any online business. And yet, it is what makes or breaks your brand, what boosts your sales, what tells your story. So let’s say you just finished writing your blog posts, you found all the right images, you fixed all the headers and seo keywords. Now you have to go and publish it on all your social media channels? And what if you have 10 new articles per week, how are you supposed to find the time to post every article onto every Facebook and Linkedin group that you manage? Publishing your content can become a daunting task.

Here at eClincher we pride ourselves to listening to every customer request we get. Our lovely customers requested this feature and we went to work. We created the “Autopost with RSS” Feature just for this purpose: automatically publish your new content.

Here are the steps you need to take to automatically publish every blog post to all your social media channels:

1. Click on “Auto Post with RSS”

click on autopost with RSS on eclincher social media tool

Scroll over the publishing tab and choose the Auto Post with RSS feature. Once you click on that you will see the RSS window appear.


2. Click on Add RSS feed on the top right

click on new feed to create auto post with rss feed on eclincher social media tool

Click on the Add RSS feed button to add a new feed. Then a window will appear showing all the options for creating a RSS feed.

3. Put in Your URL


click on feed to create an auto post with rss feed eclincher social media tool


When  you put in your url make sure to click the magnifying glass, and choose the option that says “feed”. Don’t choose the comments feed a it will only display the comments that were left on your blog posts, and not the blog posts themselves.

Also, connect all the social media channels that you want your blog content to be published on. Then you could also write a few words before or after the post.


4. Click the ON button


click on on button to turn on auto post with rss eclincher social media automation tool

Once you put in your options then click the ON button and you are all done!


Now every new blog post will be automatically publish on all of your chosen social media channels. This feature will probably shave off 2-5 hours every week depending on how much you write.


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