Grow Your Restaurant with Social Media Strategies

Whether you like it or not, your restaurant has a social media presence. Your customers are online, talking about you. Maybe they’re reviewing on Yelp; maybe they’re checking in on Facebook; maybe they’re posting a picture of their entrée on Pinterest.   It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, they’re sharing information about your restaurant. And […]

Benefits of a Social Media Dashboard

You know how important social media has become to generating leads and growing your business. Every day, you spend time engaging, sharing, and interacting. Sometimes it’s an hour, sometimes it seems as though it’s half the day. With the amount of information available, and the amount of people sharing content, it’s easy drift away into […]

Starting a Blog with 5 Easy Tips

  Everyone’s blogging these days, aren’t they? From businesses to individuals, blogs are pretty hard to miss in this Internet era. Another thing to take note of is how most publications are also adopting to blog-style writing. When was the last time you head a Huffington Post article that actually sounded like high-brow news? Instead, […]

How Social Media Can Greatly Affect Your Career

  Do you remember the olden days of social media? When you and your friends or your kids had MySpace and that’s where all the teen and twenty-something drama happened? Fights were waged over relationship status changes and everyone obsessed on the background they had on their profile.   This was before social media was […]

Entrepreneurial Tips for Conversing with Anyone You Meet

  As an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to be a social creature. It’s possible for introverts to be entrepreneurs, but you’re better off being more of a social butterfly when you’re in a line of work that literally means making connections, networking and working with others. This means meeting with lots of strangers, building […]