The Comprehensive Post Publishing Guide with eClincher

Hey everyone, super excited that you are reading this post. We have a TON of new features that will make you post publishing super easy. Our powerful features make every one of your posts stand out and help you to have all the tricks of the trade at your fingerprints. Let’s begin! Publishing & Scheduling […]

eClincher announcing new features!

In the past few months, the eClincher team did an awesome job developing and releasing 9 new features.   1. Chrome Extension Plugin A nice addition to eClincher is the new easy-to-use Chrome extension plugin which allows sharing of content quickly from the Chrome browser. If are reading a great article or breaking news and you would […]

Time Saving Tools for Social Media Marketers

  Managing the social media accounts of your company, or, if you’re an agency, multiple companies, can sometimes seem like an impossible mountain to climb. You need to find the content to share, create and find photos and images, engage with your community, reach out to others, start and continue conversations, and respond to customer […]

eClincher announcing new features – summer 2016

Summer is in full swing and things are heating up even more here at eClincher. Last month, we had some amazing feature releases based on our client’s input. For July-August, we haven’t slowed down. Here are the new features we have released in July-August as part of our continuous efforts making eClincher the best social […]

Benefits of a Social Media Dashboard

You know how important social media has become to generating leads and growing your business. Every day, you spend time engaging, sharing, and interacting. Sometimes it’s an hour, sometimes it seems as though it’s half the day. With the amount of information available, and the amount of people sharing content, it’s easy drift away into […]

How eClincher is Now Supporting Social Media Teams

  You already know social media is important for your business. You can find a ton of articles on the eClincher site alone about how and why your social media efforts can grow your business, get you more money and improve upon every aspect of your professional life. If you aren’t aware of it all […]

The 10 Social Media Manager Skills You Need for Success

  There are a lot of ideas floating around about what makes a social media manager good at what they do. There are a lot of millennial out there that think, hey. They know what the youth wants, they know what relevant memes and hashtags are getting buzz. They can slap a funny .GIF on […]