6 New eClincher Features Marketers Will Love

We are happy to announce six new eClincher features that are sure to make your life even easier. Many of these features are a direct result of talking with our amazing users. As always, thank you all so much for helping us to make eClincher better! 1. Easily Shuffle Content In Your Auto Post Queues Since […]

eClincher Now Offers Over 500,000 High Quality Images

About six months ago we partnered with Canva, which made it easy to create custom images straight from your eClincher Publisher. We received so much positive feedback about the Canva integration, but knew something was missing. We are happy to announce the addition of a photo library, which will give you access to over 500,000 […]

7 New User Requested eClincher Features

  On a daily basis we receive feedback from all of our amazing users. We highly encourage all of our users to share their feedback with us so we can continue to make eClincher better. Over the past few weeks we have been working very hard to bring many of your requests to life. We […]

11 Reasons You Need A Social Media Management Tool

  Most businesses reach a point where they have to decide if they should invest in a social media management tool. Typically this is once they are active on a of couple networks and are beginning to become overwhelmed by the complexity of managing them. Does this sound familiar? If so, then you are in […]

How To Quickly Analyze New Twitter Followers With eClincher

    We recently made some improvements to eClincher to make it easier for you to analyze new Twitter followers and decide if you should follow them back. These new additions will allow you to quickly access profile information, evaluate their level of influence and read their recent tweets and mentions. Hover To View Profile Information […]

Using Animated GIFs as an Essential Marketing Tool in 2016

    Marketers are constantly looking for more ways to reach their audience and boost engagement. After trying almost every channel available in order to reach their audience, they are now looking for different tools to use in order to connect with their audience. Animated GIFs have been around for quite some time and many have gone […]

Why You Need A Social Media Auto-Scheduler

  We recently released a new way for you to post to your social media accounts. This new feature is called Auto Post. It was developed to help you get the most out of your social media posts, while spending less time actually scheduling them. Did you know that most of your social media updates […]

eClincher Now Supports Bulk Uploading

We are happy to announce a new way to upload content to your Auto Post queues and Drafts. Bulk Upload allows you to upload up to 100 posts at once and choose where  they are uploaded to. This is achieved by using a spreadsheet or RSS feed. Below is information about how to get started with […]