How Social Media Can Greatly Affect Your Career

  Do you remember the olden days of social media? When you and your friends or your kids had MySpace and that’s where all the teen and twenty-something drama happened? Fights were waged over relationship status changes and everyone obsessed on the background they had on their profile.   This was before social media was […]

11 Great Tips for Google+ Success

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Instagram. As of right now, these four social sights are essentially the four biggest hubs for business marketing in the digital realm. Twitter and Facebook offer the biggest audiences, Instagram is great for up and coming products and businesses and LinkedIn is perfect as a B2B starting point. Taking all of this […]

How to Use LinkedIn for Leads In 2016

  You’ve probably read a content marketing article or five that reads something like this: “Never try to use social media for B2B marketing. Only traditional methods will work and you’ll just be wasting your time.” If you Google those sentences right now, you’re bound to find at least one that shares that exact same […]

How To Convert Social Media Leads Into Sales

Take a look at failed businesses and you will see a common problem amongst them. They may be in different industries. Some may have no funding, while the others may be heavily funded. Look closely though, and one problem will always surface: Companies fail because they are unable to sell their product or service Believe […]

How to Make Your B2B Social Selling Strategy More Fruitful

    As a small business owner, it’s imperative you understand exactly what B2B social selling is and why it’s so important to your business’ future. In general, B2B is the shortened term for the phrase “business to business,” or how businesses interact with each other. In the context of social selling, this refers to […]

eClincher Now Offers Over 500,000 High Quality Images

About six months ago we partnered with Canva, which made it easy to create custom images straight from your eClincher Publisher. We received so much positive feedback about the Canva integration, but knew something was missing. We are happy to announce the addition of a photo library, which will give you access to over 500,000 […]