Experts Believe All Great Social Media Marketers Possess These Characteristics

As social media marketing continues to mature, the need for highly skilled social media marketers will only increase. As a business, you will need to identify important skills and habits that the best social media marketers possess in order to attract and hire top talent. That leads us to a legitimate question: What skills and […]

22 Social Media Experts Share Their Bold Predictions for 2016 and Beyond

Not sure if it was the recent ‘Back to the Future Day‘ or that 2015 is quickly coming to an end, but we have been very interested in the future lately. Specifically, the future of social media marketing. After several failed attempts to construct a time machine, we decided to do the next best thing: […]

How To Write Shareworthy Headlines: Tips, Tricks and Tools

    We have all been there. After hours of writing and editing, adding accompanying links and images and optimizing for search engines, our posts simply aren’t viewed or shared nearly as much as we imagined. Confident that we created a great piece of content, we are left scratching our head trying to figure out […]

How To Monitor Social Media Like A Spy

  What Is Social Media Monitoring? I can picture a modern day Sherlock Holmes sitting comfortably in his study, smoking his pipe, and solving mysteries with nothing more than a computer and a wifi connection. With access to all the information available on social media, chances are solving mysteries would be a little too easy […]

Influencer Marketing: The Secret Behind Some of Today’s Most Popular Companies

  On a daily basis you are bombarded with advertisements. It doesn’t matter if you are on social media, driving down the interstate or trying to binge watch a show on Hulu, you are constantly being advertised to. I am sure this doesn’t come as a surprise to you and you have either consciously or […]

A Step By Step Guide To Starting and Building Your Personal Brand

  The importance of having a personal brand has never been greater. Without one you will struggle to get top jobs, your business will be at a disadvantage and your expertise will go to waste. The good news is that you can build your personal brand while doing what you love and it won’t cost […]