The 7 Easiest Ways to Start Utilizing Twitter Marketing

    So you haven’t started using Twitter. Why? What’s stopping you? If you like to be on the outskirts of trends, understand you’re making a pretty serious mistake in the realm of business and successful networking. Twitter has become the go-to tool for business exposure of the last couple years, and new ways to […]

How To Quickly Analyze New Twitter Followers With eClincher

    We recently made some improvements to eClincher to make it easier for you to analyze new Twitter followers and decide if you should follow them back. These new additions will allow you to quickly access profile information, evaluate their level of influence and read their recent tweets and mentions. Hover To View Profile Information […]

Using Animated GIFs as an Essential Marketing Tool in 2016

    Marketers are constantly looking for more ways to reach their audience and boost engagement. After trying almost every channel available in order to reach their audience, they are now looking for different tools to use in order to connect with their audience. Animated GIFs have been around for quite some time and many have gone […]