The Frequency Guide: How Often To Post on Social Media

One of the most common questions businesses have in regards to social media is how often they should post. On each social network there is an approximate frequency of posting that optimizes a businesses ability to connect with followers, but exceeding this amount results in driving away followers all together. Figuring out what level of […]

How We Use Twitter Lists

If you have been on Twitter lately, you probably have noticed it is nearly impossible to keep up with the never ending stream of tweets. Facebook solved this problem (sort of) by filtering your timeline to show you what they think you want. On Twitter, no such filtering exists. However, creating lists is a great […]

How to Grow Your Twitter Community

Twitter is no longer an option, but instead a necessity for businesses. Studies show that nearly 50% of customers expect businesses to respond to tweets within 1 hour. Customer service has always been crucial for business success and Twitter has become the new customer service desk. Creating and maintaining a business Twitter account will improve […]