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eClincher Made Easy: 5 Quick Steps to Getting Started


Earlier this week we posted a blog about how to get started on managing your Social Media in general.  Here, we’ll follow up with how to hit the ground squarely with the eClincher platform.

So you’ve registered for a Free Trial, or you already know the power of a complete  social media management platform like eClincher and you’re registered for one of the plans.  Either way, we want to make sure that you get onboard easily an effectively to take advantage of everything we’ve got to offer:


Here are 5 quick and easy steps:


1.  Set Up Your Profiles

Whether you have 3 or 6 (and yes, we know some of you might have even more!) social media profiles, you can set them all up as soon as you login

2. Publishing Posts

You can publish a post to one or more of your accounts at the same time, and can easily see what they will look like on each of the channels

Tip 1: We’ve integrated some great visual/graphic libraries that will provide you royalty-free images, to help your post come to life!




Tip 2: One of the best ways to source content for Posts is by using the RSS feeds area of the platform.

3.  Creating Auto-Queues

One of the key benefits of eClincher is the ability to set up a queue of Social Media posts so that you don’t have to log in ever day, or want to set up updates in a single session so that you don’t have to worry about it for a period of time.

And you can also set it up so that RSS feeds are added to the Auto-Queues as well.


4. Leverage the Social Inbox – Connect Directly with Your Customers!

The Inbox area of eClincher enables you to respond to direct messages, mentions, reviews and more.  Users, customers and prospects today expect real time and direct communication with brands, and the Social Inbox is a fantastic way to optimize how, when and the speed with which you can engage with your audience.  Below are all the direct messages/mentions/comments to which you can directly respond.  And you can go here to see an example of how to respond to a Facebook direct message.



5. The Power of Analytics

Even before you’ve leveraged the platform for long, make sure to check out the Analytics function of the eClincher platform.  We deliver powerful insights through a dashboard that helps you understand your audience, most effective posts, best times to post, and more.

Check out this article, “11 Critical Data Points” for best practices

Ok, so with that you should be able to get up and running on eClincher.  And as you continue to explore the platform, you’ll see other powerful features, and learn more about key integrations we have with partners like Pocket, Feedly, Sniply, and more.  And we keep updating your platform, especially with requests from the eClincher community.  Make sure to check out our regular updates here.

We’re here 24/7 in the chat customer support – and we’d love to hear from you even if it’s not support-related, especially feedback on how we’re doing and any request for feature enhancements.

Happy Posting! And we’re excited to be on this Social Media Ownership journey with you 🙂