Growth Hack: Get new B2B leads for your business with LinkedHelper + MailShake



Hey everybody,

Are you excited about 2018?

Did 2017 go kind of slow for you and you want a change of pace?

Or did you rock out and want to rock out even more? (let us know in the comments).

2018 is going to be a blast for all small-medium business owners and marketing agencies. So we wanted to prepare you for what’s coming and offer you a quick growth hack that will literally rock your socks. Let’s get some B2B leads!

This is how we’ve been able to get new leads coming in every single week.

Let’s dive in.

If you are in the B2B world you should know by now that LinkedIn is your best place to find them. Are you with me? LinkedIn has become the number one place for B2B conversations, anywhere on the planet. Ever since LinkedIn put more emphasis on content and allowed us all to write posts and share our stories with the world, well, it’s looking like Facebook for business. 

So I stumbled upon a pretty impressive growth hack that can help you bring your lead generation efforts to the next level. And when I say efforts – I meant this thing is pretty effortless. Watch and learn young padawan.


Step 1 – Get your LinkedHelper On



LinkedHelper is like a virtual assistant on LinkedIn. It can automatically connect to people for you, send them a message, endorse all your contacts, invite all your contacts to a group, connect to everyone that liked a specific post, etc. They claim to be the #1 LinkedIn tool, and I happen to agree with them. It’s absolutely epic.

Step 2 – Create Lists

The next step is to create a list on LinkedHelper of people that you want to outreach to. After you name it go in the search console and put in a position/title, a location, and click 2nd and 3rd (to target people that you share people in common with).

Step 3 – Connect to 50 people per day

When you click on the “connect” button, LinkedHelper will connect to 50 people automatically for you. Just remember to not minimize the tab, just keep it separate and leave it to do its work in the background.

Step 4 – Extract all those contacts

The next thing that you need to do is to view all of your contacts and extract all of them. You can do that either through LinkedIn (though it will take a few days for them to get back to you) or you can extract it straight through LinkedHelper.

The goal is to get the email of the people that you recently connected with, and then to send them all an email.

Step 5 – Don’t Shake ‘Em, MailShake ‘Em

MailShake is the #1 tool for outbound email campaigns. I actually wrote up an entire post just about MailShake and how awesome it is, It’s called How to Build a Massive Email List and Boost Sales X10. The great thing about this nice growth hack is that the emails you’ll be sending are not cold emails, they are actually warm.

Start the email with something like “Hey, this is Ben, I just connected with you on LinkedIn” or “this is Ben from LinkedIn”. Whatever your style is, just don’t be creepy.

Take all of those emails that you extracted and plug them in into a campaign on MailShake.

MailShake is super easy to use, let me show you how to do it.

First, click on the +Campaign button. It’s hard to miss, it’s pink.




Then you need to make sure you saved your email contacts into a .csv format and upload that into Mailshake.



Then the best thing you can do is to use some of their pre-written templates. They are really well written and they actually work. I have gotten 70%+ open rates with them every single time. Make sure that you send out 6 emails per lead – one email + 5 follow-up emails. This is important. Statistics show that A LOT of customers purchase on the 6th follow-up, and it really does work.

Here is a closing email that I like to use to get the final yay or nay:

Hi {{First:there}},

I’ve reached out a few times regarding your referral strategies there at {{Company}}. My guess is that we’re out of touch for one of three reasons:

– You don’t see a fit.
– You have another solution to get referrals for your camp.

– You are secretly a superhero and have been too busy fighting crime to reply.

If any of these are correct then they may be the exact reason why we should talk now…


Ben Kazinik

I’m telling you, this stuff really works. Just click on the “send” button and see the magic happen. Now wait for all those new B2B leads!


That’s recap the strategy.


Step 1 – Download the LinkedHelper extension

Step 2 – Create a list

Step 3 – Connect to 50 people per day

Step 4 – Extract all recent connections

Step 5 – Send them 6 emails with MailShake


A lot of times people respond when you ping them on several different platforms. Sometimes people are very receptive on Twitter or LinkedIn, or email, you never know until you try all of them. If you are B2B LinkedIn and email should be your strategy to make connections, have candid conversations, and grow your business.
Don’t forget, you first need to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized and looking good. Check out our previous post about that and get more and more B2B leads.

Cheers 🙂