Q: I signed up to eClincher, what should I do now?

When you log in for the first time you will be walked through the app with a quick tour. To repeat this walk through again, hover over your username menu on the top-right corner and click on “Walk Me Tour”. You can also watch our “Quick Overview Video” to learn more about eClincher capabilities.
Your next step would be to connect the accounts you would like to manage.

  • Click on “Add & Manage Accounts” button. Once the popup opens, click on the network you would like to add


Add Manage Accounts with eClincher


  • Enter your username and password to allow eClincher receive access token to your account (eClincher does not have, or save your username and password)
  • Follow the social media or other account popup to complete the add account process
  • Click to check the boxes for each profile, page or group that you would like to manage

Our Get Started page has a few tutorial videos to help you get started.