Q: What are Custom Feeds?

A: Feeds allow you to search based on keywords, location, sentiment and much more. Monitor competitors, find new leads, engage, etc.

Here are the different types of feeds:

Favorite Feeds – your own social feeds that you have marked as favorite. They will all show up in one place under favorite feeds

Monitoring Keywords & Hashtags Feeds – this is where you can search for any content, person, or page with keywords and hashtags

Suggested Content Feed – allows you to search for the top articles in any industry

RSS/Atom Feeds & Automation – allows you to search for all articles published on a blog, and add it to your queue or publish on social media

Feedly Feed – allows you to convert customers better by displaying a popup on any links that they visit. You can sign up for a Feedly account here.

Pocket Feed – allows you to easily bookmark any article, and schedule it to be published on your social media. You can sign up for a Pocket account here.