Digital marketing agencies are everywhere these days, and I mean everywhere. Every time I check my LinkedIn I see a new one pop up somewhere.

Running social media for your company or a client, it’s tough to get respect as a contributor to the bottom line. Revenues of course matter,

Starting your own business is tough and so many people fail, why? There are so many reasons. The first one is obviously the why. PART

This blog was updated in May 2020. Today, 70% of Gen-Z in Asia are purchasing products directly from social media. In North America, however, social

With the holiday season underway, the marketing world is focusing on our buying motivations. The first high of ceaseless promotion and endless special offers comes

PART 2 – Create the content Once you have validated your business idea and want to pursue it you need to create some content around

You likely already know how important having a growing email list is for your brand. Before we speak about email lists, though, let me tell