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Popular Social & Online Channels

Connecting all your social media accounts is easy and takes just a few seconds. eClincher has a strong partnership with all its integrated channels. While we continue to expand our coverage, we support a very broad network of channels:

  • Facebook pages and groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram business and personal
  • LinkedIn company pages and personal
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Blogger

We also offer many integrations with other 3rd party tools such as Canva, Google Analytics, Zendesk, Google dynamic links and much more.

Social media management software

Publishing and Scheduling Posts

Schedule your posts to multiple social networks, profiles and pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger. Read More…

  • Save hours  per week and stay organized with an advanced publisher
  • Share viral stories, create original content or promote your products and services to keep your social presence up to date
  • View your planned posts in a smart visual calendar
  • Edit images with our powerful image editor, or create your own image design with Canva integration
  • Select and share high quality free stock images
  • Video attachment supported with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
  • Gain control of your links with Google UTM  tracking and Sniply call-to-action shortened links. 

Boost your post to Facebook: The boost feature works with your Facebook ad account. While composing a Facebook message, add the boost option to reach targeted audiences as well as custom and saved audiences (read more). 


Auto Post with Smart Queues

Boost your social traffic and engagement with smart queues! Think of queues as a category or a folder. For example: “my blogs”, “funny quotes”, “self-promote”, “tips”, “marketing”, etc. Build your content by category / segment and save it to your pre-defined queues. This feature is designed to eliminate the step of scheduling posts on daily basis.

You can then:

  • Set multiple queues per channel
    • Where each queue contain different type of content, categorized by topic. For example: Promotional content queue, Funny quotes queue, Thought leadership queue
    • Share a queue content with multiple same channel profiles: publish the same content to multiple profiles. For example: Facebook promotional queue can be used with multiple Facebook pages
  • Upload posts and save them to each queue
  • Bulk upload hundreds of posts at once and save them to one or more queues

Your social updates will automatically get published at a pre-defined daily schedule. Read More…

Social media automation - Auto Post With Smart Queues

Auto Post with RSS Feeds

Would you like to automatically publish all your new blog posts to your social media accounts? or find and automatically share great new content from the web with your audience? 

  • Simply connect any RSS or Atom feed and eClincher will make sure to publish only the newest content (articles, blogs, and news will not be published more than once)
  • Select how often you want to publish content to your social channels  
  • Drive exposure, engagement and website traffic
Social media automation - Auto Post RSS feeds

Social Inbox & Engagement

Now you can finally see all your social media interactions in one place. eClincher’s social media Inbox automatically collects all messages, comments, conversations, mentions, reviews, write on wall, retweets, new followers, and notifications from all your profiles and pages. Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogger, and Yelp. 

This allows you to:

  • Easily respond, thank, follow, or engage with your followers, communities and social audiences.
  • Track positive and negative reviews and respond in real time
  •  Read More…
Best social media inbox

Monitoring Keywords, Hashtags & Mentions

Discover and monitor what’s happening on social media, using keywords and hashtags. Monitor your brand’s mentions and reputation (mentions with negative sentiment). Monitor your competitor’s activities and updates. View live social media feeds. Follow discussions, mentions and hashtags. Engage and start new conversations. Find new leads by always being part of the action. Improve customer service response time and more, Read More…

Monitoring, Listening & Engagement

Engagement (Live Social Feeds)

Live social feeds make real time engagement super easy! 

Start new conversations, and engage with your fans, followers, audiences, and new leads! Quickly accomplish all your social media activities such as: liking, commenting, replying to a question, accepting new connections, etc. Each of your connected social media profiles, pages, and groups include live social feeds, just like browsing in the native social network platform.  Read More…

Live social feeds, engagement and monitoring

Suggested Content Feeds

Finding and curating new content is now available with Suggested Content Feeds. In addition to RSS, Atom, Monitoring feeds, Feedly, and Pocket, you can discover new content by using keywords and topics. Simply enter any keyword or search term into your saved content feed and eClincher will display articles and news with scores. Articles are collected from the web and social media (by popularity). Now, you can easily find content and share it to all your social media accounts.

Suggested content feeds for social media posts

Analytics Dashboard & Customized Reports

Track, analyze and optimize! Get access to unlimited analytics charts and reports with a fully customized dashboard: social media analytics, website traffic, campaigns, and much more. 

  • Find out how social media activities impact your website traffic. 
  • Quickly view and analyze in real time posts performance, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, and Google Analytics (Your posts will automatically be tracked and analyzed by performance.)
  • Discover and engage with top influencers. 
  • White label reports: generate pdf reports with your company logo). 

Create your own customized white label reports by simply dragging and dropping any chart from any profile or a page. Read More…

Social Analytics Reports

Agency & Team Collaboration 

Is your social media team growing? If so, you need a tool that can grow with you. Easily add new team members, as well as assign user roles with permissions to edit or view accounts and brands (client accounts). 

  • Assign inbox items to other team members 
  • Team member can be defined as internal or external (your client). 
  • Both internal and external users can track the progress and activities in their account (Available with Premier, Agency and enterprise plans.)

Post Approval workflow: Use eClincher post approval workflow to send posts for approval. Clients or internal users can approve or reject your posts and leave a comment. Post Approval works internally within the eClincher platform or externally with an external URL (complete white label solution with a dedicated URL per customer).

Social media platform for Agency and Teams

Media Library

Manage and store your media, creative work and images with your own dedicated cloud storage. Upload images, add description and tag them. Access your media and share it with your social media posts as well as your inbox responses.

Media library to store images on the cloud

Chrome Extension Plugin

Imagine, you are surfing the internet and seeing a great article you want to share with your followers. With the Chrome extension plugin, you can quickly share, schedule for later, or add it to one of your auto post queues – all of that, without opening the eClincher app. Simply click on the “eC” button at the top right address bar on your Chrome or Firefox browser. The Chrome extension also includes a “Share” button on the pages you visit.  Download the plugin here.

Chrome extension plugin with eClincher

Built-In Visual Marketing Tools

Are you ready to get creative? Quickly enhance your social media posts with Canva, Giphy, and emoji, integrations. Search images and animated GIFs by topic or keywords. Design and edit your own images with overlaid text, or select free licensed stock images. increase post engagement.

Social media management tool with Canva integration

Sniply Integration

Want to drive more traffic to your site? Are you ready for super engaging and visual call-to-action popup on any webpage content? With our Sniply partnership and integration you can attach a call-to-action to any of your posted links. For example: share a post with your Sniply link to TechCrunch or CNN article. Your audience will see your social media post with your link, click on the link and get to the TechCrunch website – there, they will see a popup with your specific call-to-action!

Sniply integration with eClincher social media tool

Pocket Integration 

eClincher includes full integration and functionality of Pocket. With Pocket you can save articles and links from any device, mobile and desktop, to your personal cloud storage. Pocket is a great way to curate content and schedule it to social media accounts. Easily add your pocket account to eClincher, and start sharing articles across all your channels. Read More…

Pocket Integration with social media tool