Auto Post – Reuse Your Content

eClincher Auto Post with queues. Social media management tool


Don’t let your content go to waste. Reuse your social media posts and cycle them with Auto Post in a matter of minutes. Create and add your posts to multiple queues (each social channel may have multiple queues, where each queue is a different category). Use Bulk Upload to quickly upload all your content or create individual posts. Your content will automatically be published on a pre-defined weekly schedule. Instead of posting your content once and then never using it again, the auto-scheduler will automatically post your content and recycle it!  No manual scheduling and no worries about ever running out of content again.


Queues: Organize your content into different queues, Create a queue for each topic you want to share content about. You can also shuffle posts in queues and copy posts to other queues.  View queue calendar to see your entire week’s schedule.


Auto Post Calendar, eClincher, a social media management tool


Bulk Upload: You can easily upload posts in bulk. Using a CSV spreadsheet, you can automatically upload up to 150 posts. This makes uploading content to your Queues and Draft Posts as easy as a click of a button. For more information on Bulk Upload, click here.


Stop Wasting Your Content: Most schedulers share your content once and then get rid of it forever. Auto Post saves your content and re-uses it when all new content has been shared. Finally you can stop worrying about running out of content. Your social accounts will always remain active, which allows you to focus on engaging with your community and growing your business. For more information on Auto Post, click here.

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