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eClincher has integrated Pocket to provide easy access to your saved articles or urls. When you log in to eClincher, you can access your Pocket account and share or schedule articles across all your social media accounts and pages.

What Is Pocket

Pocket saves interesting articles, links, videos and much more from the web for a later access. Once saved to Pocket, the list of content is visible on any device, phone, tablet, or computer. You can now access your Pocket account from the eClincher app. Social media managers appreciate the ease of use and the quick access to saved content from any device and the ability to share it on social media.


eClincher + Pocket partnership

How to install Pocket in your browser

Pocket extensions available for Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. If you use Firefox, Pocket is already built-in! Please click the link below to download and install  the extension or learn more:

Pocket for Firefox

Pocket for Google Chrome

Pocket for Safari

Pocket for Opera

If you are using a different browser that isn’t listed above, such Internet Explorer, you can install the Pocket Bookmarklet to save to Pocket with a single click. Click here to learn how to install it:

How to Install the Pocket Bookmarklet


mobile devices illustration


Mobile? Take Pocket with you.
Available on iPhoneiPadAndroid, and Kindle Fire.

How To Access Pocket From eClincher

Once you add your Pocket account in the “Add & Manage Accounts”, you can access it in the Publishing tab – New Post, or from the Feeds tab. Once you click on the pocket button, you will have access to all of your save-for-later content. All articles include “share post” button, allowing quick transfer of the article to eClincher publisher. Pocket is available in eClincher desktop app as well as the mobile app.



Read more in our Blog: eClincher now supports Pocket.


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