How We Use Twitter Lists

If you have been on Twitter lately, you probably have noticed it is nearly impossible to keep up with the never ending stream of tweets. Facebook solved this problem (sort of) by filtering your timeline to show you what they think you want. On Twitter, no such filtering exists. However, creating lists is a great way to manually filter what you see. The even greater news is that unlike Facebook, you have complete control over what you see!

Twitter List Basics:

  • There are two types of lists (Private and Public)
  • When you add a user to a public list, they are notified
  • Public lists can be followed by other Twitter users, while private lists can not
  • You can add people to a Twitter list that you are not connected with

How To Add A User To A Twitter List

Step 1: Go to the user’s Twitter profile

Step 2: Click on the “More user actions” button

Add To Twitter List

Step 3: Click on “Add or remove from lists”Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 3.59.17 PM

Step 4: Add them to an existing list or create a new list

Our Lists

We have created several different lists that we use to keep up with breaking news, connect with influencers, engage with customers and much more. Here are some of the lists we use:

List 1 (Social Media Superstars): This list is comprised of the top social media influencers. This list is very important for us because it not only gives us a way to stay engaged with these individuals, but it gives us a great place to stay up to date on the newest trends. Lets face it, social media moves way too fast. Trying to be an expert in everything social media is just not possible for us. So instead of trying to fight the battle alone, we leverage the minds of experts in our field.

Take action: Create a list full of the experts in your industry and begin engaging with them on a daily basis. Watch how they post and what they post. Instead of spending hours researching a topic, ask experts for help. Not only will it save you time, but you will build a meaningful relationship in the process!

List 2 (New Followers): The automated direct message is something we absolutely hate. There is nothing genuine about it and it leads to more unfollows than it does responses. Instead of automated direct messages, we suggest adding new followers to a list. Two of the benefits are:

  1. Easier to engage with these new followers. By engaging with new followers, you greatly decrease the possibility of the dreaded unfollow.
  2. You can get an idea of what your new followers are posting before you follow them back.

List 3 (New Leads): Every business must have a list or lists for new leads. This list gives you a way to not only keep track of new leads, but engage with them as well. Ever had a company reach out to you out of the blue trying to sell you something? Chances are it did not work. However, when you form a relationship with someone first they are much more likely to buy from you!

Take Action: Create a PRIVATE list (this is crucial because you do not want people seeing you are adding them to a list of leads) and begin adding leads to it. Engage with these leads on a daily basis.

Bonus Tip: Follow public lists that the top influencers in your industry have already created. Instead of spending the time and hard work to create lists, let the experts do it for you! To view a user’s public lists, visit their profile and click on lists (shown below) Follow Twitter Lists

Final Thoughts

There are so many powerful ways to use Twitter lists, yet they are one of the most under-used aspects of Twitter. We have found great success using them and we believe you will as well. With eClincher, taking advantage of lists is extremely easy. With a designated List Feed, you will never forget to check your lists again. Even better, navigating between all your lists is as easy as one click.

Twitter List Feed

Now it is your turn. Let us know how you use Twitter lists in the comment section below!

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