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There are 1.21 billion Instagram users and Instagram only allows you to have 1 permanent profile link.  How will you drive traffic to your products, content, or services using a single link?

“Link in bio” —I bet this is not the first time you have come across that line. You have probably seen it many times from your favorite Instagram posts.

We all love Instagram; however, this platform does not support clickable links that can direct your audience to your website, product, or other social media profiles. More so, the platform limits you to having one permanent link in your bio.

That’s what Link in Bio does. That’s why we created Insta Link, just for you. You can also use eclincher to optimize your Instagram posting!

Imagine having a mini website created only for your Instagram posts to direct your audience to the right content and products for your website, all from a single link. 

Sign up for a free 14-day trial and use Insta Link.

Instagram Link in Bio, what does it mean?

It seems very straightforward. A clickable URL that is on your profile’s bio. And we have revealed that this is the only clickable link that Instagram allows, which can be limiting especially if you have multiple products, events, or content that want to highlight.

That is how Link in Bio tools such as Insta Link is created. Tools that allow you to put together all the links from your posts so that you can share them through your one clickable URL. 

One of the highlights of these Link In Bio tools is that this makes the experience seamless for your audience as they will be able to see all your products on a single page. As a business owner or a company, you love that. When your audience can see all your product at a glance and with a simple click or tap, they will be redirected to your product. Adding a link is one of many ways to advertise on Instagram effectively.

What is Insta Link for Instagram?

This is our built-in, absolutely free, and user-friendly key feature. It is essentially a call-to-action that gives you a clickable link for your own Link in Bio page. When your audience goes to your unique Insta Link page, they will see a replica of your Instagram grid, and all images will be clickable. Clicking the images will redirect your audience to the link associated with each image.

See this Avocado Toast recipe from an Insta Link page. After clicking the link in bio, the Insta Link page opened, and then, the Instagram posts with the links loaded. After clicking the Avocado Toast post/image, it opened the attached link, an avocado toast recipe because why not?

The goal is to provide a straightforward interface that makes it easy-to-use, yet customizable pages to flare up the fun. Everything from this page is customizable. From the logo, brand name, header, header text, and page description.

What takes the cake here is as follows:

  • You can brand your Insta Link page with your logo.
  • You can share multiple links. 
  • You can tag your images with multiple tags
  • You can white label your page.

This will drive traffic, sales, and engagement with your brand. You can even update and add tags to your Insta Link page as you schedule content through eclincher.

What’s in it for you and your business?

YouTube video
  • eCommerce or B2C companies looking to promote listicles featured products, campaigns, or channels of products through Instagram.
  • B2B Companies looking to promote your foundation, non-profit, employee campaigns, other campaigns, your blog, or your products or services through Instagram.
  • Authors, Marketers, Marketing Agencies, & Social Media Managers promote your featured content, upcoming events or webinars, products, or services through Instagram.

More and more businesses are also using IG Reels as well. Just be aware of the best time to post reel to get the most engagement!

Add a link to your upcoming scheduled Instagram posts.

Insta Link Instagram Link in Bio

Even before your post gets published, you can already add a link to it. 

Manage all your posts with links on a single page. This is also where you can add links and tags to your published posts. As you post more and more, just know there is an Instagram post API rate limit.

Insta Link Instagram Link in Bio
  1. Set up your Insta Link Page
  2. Edit your existing Insta Link page
    1. Drag & drop the images to re-order
    2. Edit image & link
    3. Delete image from the grid
  3. Add a link to the image
  4. Add tags
  5. Preview your Insta Link page
  6. Disable your Insta Link Page

Here’s a sneak peek of how you can create and customize your own Insta Link page.

Insta Link Instagram link in Bio

From here, you can:

  1. Enter your company or page name which is completely optional,
  2. Make your page great by selecting a background color for the header.
  3. Select a text color for the page name.
  4. Upload a logo
  5. Enter your website
  6. Create a short text below your header. It can be a simple hello, welcome, catchphrase, or tagline of your company.
  7. You can also add a link to the top right of your page. Talk about a link on a link page.
  8. Need a white label solution? We have it.

The Insta Link page:

Insta Link Instagram Link in Bio

Want to know more? We have prepared a detailed article that has step-by-step instructions on how you can set up your own Insta Link page. Just click here.

Let’s set it up!

Once you’ve set up your Insta Link page and got your own link, go to your Instagram profile and then select Edit Profile. From there, you’ll see the website section where you can paste/enter your Insta Link. Lastly, click Done/Save.

Insta Link Instagram link in Bio
We know your hustle and if you are managing multiple Instagram accounts, we got you! You can set up a unique Insta Link page for every profile that you are handling. Toggle easily between your Instagram profiles and manage the Insta Link page of each.
Insta Link: Instagram Links In Bio

Since you have read this far, here are a few tips to be effective. Know what to highlight in your Instagram Link in Bio.

  • Feature your most popular and/or most recent product/content. Add a link to them. This drives traffic to your Link in Bio tool that allows other products with links to be seen by your audience.
  • You have a great website! Link it to your Insta Link page and show off your website’s home landing page. 
  • Promote your upcoming discounts, giveaways, and promotions. Hype up your upcoming sale and products. People love a good sale!
  • Place the links to your other social media accounts. Grow not only on Instagram but across all your social media profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find a link in an Instagram bio?

To find a link in an Instagram bio, simply visit the user’s profile and look for the “website” or “link” section.

Do people still say link in bio?

Yes, people still use the phrase “link in bio” to refer to a clickable link found in someone’s Instagram profile.

Do people still click Instagram links?

Yes, people still click on Instagram links, as they provide convenient access to additional content, products, or external websites.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging the power of links in your Instagram bio can offer a multitude of benefits. By strategically placing a clickable link, you can drive traffic to your website, promote products or services, share important information, or connect with your audience on various platforms.

The ability to update and customize the link allows for flexibility and adaptability in your marketing efforts. So, don’t underestimate the impact of a well-placed link in your Instagram bio—it can be a game-changer for your online presence and business growth. Start utilizing this valuable tool and unlock new opportunities for success on Instagram.

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