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May, 2020

May Update

Over the past couple of weeks we added new capabilities across the platform. Today’s update will focus on Analytics, in addition to one more enhancement.

As usual, we will detail here in the most succinct manner, and please reach out to us over our 24/7 support line for further clarifications as needed.

  1. General reporting settings
  2. Facebook analytics – added videos
  3. Instagram analytics – added videos, carousel, story and more
  4. Twitter analytics – added hashtags
  5. LinkedIn analytics – added video
  6. LinkedIn publishing – supporting multi-image / carousel


1. General Reporting Settings

In order to simplify your effort when viewing analytics, we have aggregated the “page” level reports and the “post” level reports into one place for each social channel. For example, to view your Facebook “pages” and “posts” analytics, go to “Facebook Reports” as shown in the image below:


Social media analytics reports


Once in the “Facebook Reports” you can switch between the “pages” analytics (now called “performance”) and the “posts” analytics:


Facebook analytics report

2. Facebook analytics – added videos

Facebook Video Analytics covers:

  • Completion rate
  • Impressions
  • Views
  • Total View Time
  • Avg. View/User


Facebook video analytics


3. Instagram analytics – added videos, carousel, story

Video and Carousel Analytics following metrics are supported:

  • Reach
  • Views
  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Like
  • Comments

Story analytics:

  • Completion rate
  • Average Views/User
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Replies
  • Taps Forward
  • Taps Back


Instagram analytics


In addition, in the Instagram “post” analytics, the new report now covers: reach, impressions, engagement, engagement rate, likes and comments. Through the “hamburger” menu icon, you can also calculate the engagement rate by either reach or impressions, and filter your top posts:


Instagram post analytics


4. Twitter analytics – hashtags

The report shows the top posts (tweets) and engagement stats by the # hashtags used in all tweets over the duration of the time selected:


Twitter hashtag analytics


5. LinkedIn analytics –  videos

LinkedIn Video Analytics covers:

  • Views
  • Total View Time
  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Engagement rate
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Share


LinkedIn video analytics


6. LinkedIn publishing – supporting multi-image / carousel

As usual, we get better as our customers provide feedback and ask for feature enhancements. LinkedIn has recently updated their API and enabled their partners to support multi-image posting (carousel).

In addition to single image and video, you can now post multi images (up to 4 images) to both business and personal LinkedIn pages.


LinkedIn publishing carousel

April, 2020

April Update

We’re pleased to inform that we are enhancing e-clincher’s post approval workflow capabilities this week, planned to be launched / updated by end of day today, Monday, April 13th.

e-clincher’s Post Approval Workflow helps teams and their clients collaborate effectively by creating multi-step and multi-user workflows that enable reviewing, editing, commenting, approving or rejecting outgoing posts.

The post approval workflow feature provides a great collaborative opportunity within the platform and can be leveraged to: control off brand / off message social posts, avoid grammatical errors, tighten agency-to-client relationship or better align your corporate teams.

The Approval Workflow allows users with Admin or Publishing rights to assign a post for approval to single or multi users – internal team members and / or external clients. (Supported in Premier, Agency and Enterprise plans.)

In the current workflow, the post will immediately move to the calendar upon the approval of ANY single user on the approval list. There are no additional conditions or steps in this approval process.

The enhancement to the existing process adds the capability to assign a post for approval to multi users, while defining that
ALL users must approve the post, and define a hierarchical order / sequence by which the post must get approved.

In addition
, we defined another level of external user (clients) control and management. Along with the release of the new workflow, all external users (clients) must be linked to their specific brand/s in order to be granted access for post approval. This is done through the regular “user setting” function in the platform. Once users are set / linked to their respective brands, their names will appear only in the post approval window under those defined brands (see further information at the bottom of this email).


How does this all work?

With the new update, every post assigned for approval will have to be defined as either “single” or “hierarchy” workflow.

Single (ANY) Post Approval workflow (no change from the current process): Once any assigned user approved, the post will be moving to the calendar.


Post Approval for social media


Hierarchy (ALL) Post Approval workflow: all approvers must approve the post in the same order they were assigned.


Social media Post Approval multiple users


This is a new process. By choosing “hierarchy” workflow, you are setting the order, or sequence, by which the approval will flow, e.g., until the “1st approver” will not approve, the “2nd approver” will not be able to approve the post. Each time an “approver” will approve, the post will move to the next in line (indicated in each post in the “post approval list” view). Upon approval of the last approver in the sequence, the post will move to the calendar / publishing.

Important note: “external user” access to post approval (Premier, Agency and Enterprise teams):

With the update today, all your external users need to be set / linked to their relevant brands in order for their name to appear in the post approval pop up window.
To achieve that – Go to “Main” setting (top right corner), click on “Users”, Go to “External Users” and edit them one by one to associate them with their respective brands as in the image below under: “select brands to grant access”.


Assign brands


As always, we are here to help 24/7 with our support team that can guide you as needed to take advantage of the enhanced post approval workflow capabilities.

April, 2020

April Update

We are excited to announce the New Visual Calendar Experience.

social media calendar


We’re pleased to officially announce a whole new visual calendar – a planning tool for crafting the ultimate visual posts as well as enhancing overall user experience.

Based on feedback from our customers, during February, we have updated our visual calendar to support the following new attributes:

  • Expanded / wide view of week / month with hourly schedule
  • Drag and drop existing posts
  • Drag and drop from Image Media feeds to start a new post
  • All following types of posts are visible and can be dragged, edited or deleted from the calendar:
      1. Scheduled
      2. Auto scheduled
      3. Queued
      4. Drafts
      5. Pending approval
      6. Rejected
  • Real-time recommended “best time to post”
    1. Once a social channel is chosen, you may enable the calendar to display the best time to post for that social channel
    2. Dragging and dropping to “best time” will be within the recommended hour, and the platform will choose different time slots of 10 min intervals within that hour.
  • Set and save “manual time to post”
    1. Double click on the times in the week you would like to save as your target manual posting times, and the platform will save these planned time slots per profile, forever.
    2. To cancel the manual chosen time slots – double click again


social media calendar


In addition, from the Visual Calendar, you are able to create single or multiple posts.

Single post – a single post may contain a single image or multi images:

  • Select “drag and drop images to create a single post” (click on the “gear” icon in the image feed on the left side of the calendar)
  • You may select “show best time to post” or “show manual time slots” or both for reference (from the “select profile to schedule” link on the right side of the calendar)
  • Select the desired image/s
  • Drag and drop to the desired time in the calendar (can be anywhere based on where you drop the image/s)


Scheduling posts to Instagram


Multiple posts: Only works with multi images and best time to post, pre-defined manual time slots, or both.

  • Select “drag and drop images to create multiple posts” (from the “gear” icon in the image feed on the left side of the calendar)
  • Select “show best time to post” or “show manual time slots” or both (from the “select profile to schedule” link on the right side of the calendar)
  • Select the desired images
  • Drag and drop anywhere in the calendar (today or future dates only)
  • Images will be distributed on both the “best time” or “manual time slots” chronologically, starting from the first future slot
  • Make sure you have the same or more recommended or manual time slots than the number of images you drop

January, 2020

January Update

We are excited to announce the following new features:



Pause publishing button is extremely useful in cases of emergency, holidays, rouge posts and other unexpected events.

While you are able to pause all running and planned posts, we are also enabling you to still be able to manage single “post now” posts. For example, when grim events occur, you may want to stop all commercial posts which may not be appropriate or respectful, and instead, communicate your sympathy, wishes or thoughts.

The pause button is supported by all plans, you can now press pause on all posts per account (basic, premier) and per brand (agency).

  • Admin and publisher roles can push the button
  • Account admin and the user that pressed the button will be notified (email)
  • Activate / deactivate through the setting button (top right corner)
  • A red flag above the “publishing” main menu will turn on



Based on great feedback from our customer base, we recognize managing drafts is as critical as managing completed posts.

The draft enhancements include:

  • Once a post has been saved as draft, the drafts will now show in the visual calendar (please note the filter that allows you to see / not see drafts either on the calendar or the list of scheduled posts)
  • Just like with scheduled posts, drafts will now show the profiles they are set for
  • Drafts will also show the post schedule/s (in addition to the time the draft was created)



When adding a new post to a Queue, at the bottom right of the “post editor – queue” window we added the ability to “add to approval list”. Once this new post was added to the approval list, you will need to go back to the main publisher where you can view the post approval list. The new post will appear at the top of the list where you can “assign” it to either an internal team member or a client (agency plan only).

Note that posts in the approval list that are associated with a queue do not show a “schedule” due to the nature of the queues which are dynamic and / or recurring.



Tagging Inbox messages is one of the strongest features of e-clincher. Previously the search of tags was only “alphabetic”. We have now added a “free text” search window that enables users to search freely, as well as a quick filter of “recent” tags that were created.


📆 2020 SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR – updated free asset

Managing multiple social media accounts can be difficult. With news and events coming in quickly and sometimes without prior notice, as well as the constantly changing trending topics, making sure that your brand is updated and ready to release timely and relevant content can be challenging. This is where a social media calendar comes in. They’re effective, efficient, and will help keep you on track. So we made one for you, just to get your 2020 started on the right  2020 Social Media Calendar.



Google has updated its analytics suite allowing 3rd parties to enjoy better performance and access to richer data. This is a major change with a complete set of new reports.

e-clincher continues to pull and expose a rich set of data from google analytics with the top parameters and a great layout.

We plan on switching to the new suite by mid / 2nd half of next week (Jan 13th – 17th).

Impact on your current reports:

  • Custom Reports: reports with google analytics data – the google analytics portion / graph will be removed – please add new graphs through custom report drag and drop tool from the new google analytics suite
  • Dash Board Analytics: Dashboards with google analytics data – the google analytics portion/graph will be removed – please add new graphs using “pin to dashboard” feature

The new google analytics reports from e-clincher will include:

  • Dashboard and graphs showing: Users, New users, sessions, page views, bounce rate, and more
  • Additional graphs will show: users by age and gender, by country, technology (browser, operating system, language), top channels, affinity, and more

December, 2019

December  Update

Video Posts for LinkedIn Company Page

Video is one of the most powerful B2B (and B2C) tools, and now you can publish it from eClincher on one of the best B2B networks. Upload and publish a video to your LinkedIn Company Page directly from eClincher!

  • Choose your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Write your post
  • Click the “attach”button in the publisher and upload a new video from your libraries
  • Add the video title by clicking on the “video properties” button

Google My Business Reports – Location and Post Performance  

Strengthening our collaboration with Google and our Google My Business integration, we are now able to provide reports of both Location and Posts to monitor and analyze viewers, actions, reviews and more.

  • Open the Analytics tab in eClincher
  • Click the – “Analytics Reports” in the drop down menu
  • Locate “Google My Business” box represented as “GMB” with the blue box icon (don’t get confused with our “Google Analytics” integration – orange chart icon)
  • Choose either one of the reports (Location or Posts)


Comparison reports 

Display up to 100 (profiles/pages) of multiple Facebook pages, Instagram Business Profiles, LinkedIn Company Pages and Twitter Profiles.

Based on requests from customers with multiple pages representing branches, locations, and complementary product lines, we now show comparison reports of multiple pages within a social network.

  • Open the Analytics tab in eClincher
  • Click the – “Analytics Reports” in the drop down menu
  • Under Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn you will find the “comparison” report
  • Click on the “comparison” report and choose the “profiles” to compare in the pop-up window and click the “Ok” button
  • Compare the data between the various profiles


Wave Video 

Tap into 200 million of video and audio templates, download, edit, create and launch!

The feature is ready for you to use. Access to the new feature is through the eClincher publisher.

Follow our emails in the coming days to learn more about this powerful and exciting feature.

For now, we made a quick introduction video tutorial to get you started.

November, 2019

Novemeber  Update

Facebook And Twitter Cover Photo – Bulk Copy

You can now change your Facebook cover photo directly from eClincher!

  • Download to your desktop
  • Upload a new image from your eClincher account
  • Create a cover photo with Canva, straight from eClincherAnd most importantly you can now apply a cover image from one profile to other profiles, in bulk.And most importantly you can now apply a cover image from one profile to other profiles, in bulk.

Enhanced “Post Preview”

Manage all your social media channels from a single location, now with an enhanced post preview in eClincher.

Next to Publish

From all your scheduled posts, which one is next in line to publish? eClincher will highlight your next post in green, just like in this example:

Edit a live Facebook Post Directly From eClincher

Do you sometimes need to make changes to a post after it’s already been published? We all do… Now you can make any text changes directly from eClincher to your Facebook posts.

Set Up Your Own eClincher Display

Customize your default page after login. This feature is available for all plans. Agencies can set up the default brand in addition to the default page.

October, 2019

October Update

Enhanced Canva Integration

We’ve updated Canva so that you can see your previously used designs, purchased images, shared images, and all of Canva’s folders. You’ll also have access to all of the third-party apps that integrate with Canva.

eClincher Dark Theme

Click on your user icon and then on Theme Settings button, and you’ll have the option to switch to dark mode. Additionally, you can change the colors of the sidebar and main navigation bar on top.

Choose From Recent Locations on Instagram

Instead of having to search for locations you use regularly, they’ll now appear at the top.

Choose From Recent Facebook Page Mentions

Now you can see Facebook pages that you are frequently mentioning, show up under recent searches for quicker access.

See Your Recent URLs on Pinterest

Save time when creating new pins. Recent URLs will pop up automatically.

Organize and Customize Your Brand Management

Order your brands alphabetically, by most recent use, or by favorite. Want to add a custom brand logo? Now you can.

Change Your Admin Image

July-October, 2019

July – October Update

New User Interface

We are excited to release a complete redo of our user interface. The new interface look moderns and clean and, in addition, the performance is unbelievably fast (up to 10X faster than our previous interface).


Social media analytics


social media publisher

June 19, 2019

End June Update


Publishing to groups from your page is now easier! eClincher has enabled publishing as a page to a group of a page.

page publishing


There’s a new addition to Instagram Business. Go to My Tags to see all posts where the image includes a tag of your own business account.

IG tags

May 28, 2019

End May Update


We’ve added a feature to Instagram publishing which allows you to add in the first comment right on the platform. You can even save your hashtags to easily insert them.

add first comment on instagram


add the first comment on instagram

Does the unread counter in the agency dropdown bother you? Now you can turn it off and on inside Brand > Inbox > Settings.

agency dropdown unread counter


Choose from different date formats inside your post settings.

date formats

Modify your Facebook page and Google My Business location display icon inside Add & Manage Accounts. This is useful for pages that have age or country restrictions, since you can’t see the icon when you’re logged out of Facebook.

add icon




View your engagement rate to better measure the success of your posts.


April 30, 2019

End April Update



  • When you publish a video to YouTube, you’ll now be able to add a category and select the playlist, all within eClincher.

youtube publishing


  • Each platform has unique image dimensions. When you don’t use these dimensions, your images won’t show up properly on social media. Now, you can have all your Canva images already customized with the proper dimensions for each platform.

canva dimensions


  • We recently unveiled Google My Business on eClincher. In April, we added a “Call” button option for when you add an event.

call button google my business

call now


  • The visual calendar makes scheduling posts so much easier, and now we’ve gone and added search, filter, and export options.

visual calendar new features

new features for visual calendar


  • A highly requested addition to our platform was what will forever be known as “bubbles” — customized reporting where you can add icons to easily show you specific insights.

customized reports

bubble icons


  • We wanted you to be better able to compare post engagement based on specific variables, which is why we’ve added three new engagement graphs for all posts reports.

post engagement graph

engagement graphs



  • Hashtags are a game-changer. Be sure to check out our new hashtag analytics.

enhanced hashtag analytics


  • Collecting data from your social media is vital to being able to track and measure your progress, so we’ve added the ability to import and export 500 messages at a time.

import export option


  • Pinterest analytics are live!

pinterest analytics


  • Your Facebook hashtag analytics now include two new columns: average post reach and average engagement rate.

facebook hashtag engagement analytics


Whew! We’ve been so busy. Hope you enjoy the updates. Stay tuned for more!

March 31, 2019

End March Update



  • We’re helping you be smarter about your hashtag selection for Instagram, and showing you when you’re getting close to your limit of 30:


  • We brought to you suggested hashtags for Instagram a while ago. Now we’re helping you find the most effective hashtags for Twitter as well (and like IG, have them saved):


  • When you take a look at your visual calendar, we’ve enabled you to see the images clearly with an image-only option:



  • Your business intelligence just got a boost with the ability to track your competitor’s engagement habits and performance with Twitter and Facebook (previously it was just with Instagram).  Check out the times they post the moment, the most popular hashtags, etc. Available to you on the Premier, Enterprise and Agency plans only:



  • Now you can generate reports with the time-saving features of replicating the time period of the reports across multiple channels, with a “copy” button to apply to the channels:



Ok!  Lots enhanced, improved, added in Q1 alone.  More coming 🙂

March 16, 2019

Mid March Update



  • You can now have a combination of multiple images and/or video on your Instagram carousel (before you could only images, or video, but not both). NB. You’ll be using push notification.



  • Rather than having to sort through a bunch of emojis, you will now have the ability to search for specific emojis:


  • We have an improved interface in eClincher’s Analytics Reports  :



March 8, 2019

Early March Update



  • This past week Google + removed their partner APIs and effectively is shutting down the service.  You will not be able to post or queue anything new to G+ and G+ will be deleted from your add/manage accounts.  Please reach out with any questions!



  • We have created a new style to export posts from the list-view, draft, and auto-post. You’ll how see the full post text and also a more visible, larger image:




  • As the role of Google My Business in a successful digital marketing strategy continues to grow, we know how important it is that you stay on top of Q&A from your customers and prospects in your GMB account.  You can do that now through the eClincher Inbox:




More coming soon, please stay tuned!

February 18, 2019

Mid February Update


  • We’ve improved the performance when selecting a profile or publishing group that that you will see the selection/population will be much faster in the “publish to” section.
  • We have a couple of updates on posting to your Facebook channel:
    • Boosted posts to Facebook will now show in calendar/list view, including the amount spent to boost the post
    • you can now Facebook Boost with a specific address and radius to get relevant targeted audience that are local so that you can better optimize your ad spend on Boost

  • New Post: improved performance when selecting profile or publishing group – now, it will be populated much faster in the “Publish to:” area.
  • We’ve enhanced the image editor for your posts to the most popular, and social-media-channel-specific dimensions.  You will see in the image editor tool the ability to select the appropriate dimension:


  • Last but not least, you’ve asked, and we’re reliving: we’ve added the ability to assign a scheduled post time, as well as specific images to attach to the post (columns A and B), in the bulk upload feature:


More coming soon, just in time for Spring!

February 7, 2019

Early February Update


Usually we post a cluster of updates as we move through some key ones, but this is a MAJOR one that we just couldn’t wait to share with you!



  • When you post to Instagram for Business, it’s always helpful to have suggested hashtags that you can append to your post.  So we’ve enabled that, including the ability to see the popularity levels (most used) of the hashtags, as well as the ability to save them for later use:



Here we have selected #marketing and #business which are also the most used hashtags (66% and 30% popularity), and then #motivation.  There’s a box on the bottom to select those specific hashtags to be save for future use:



In the post, you will see the hashtags automatically inserted:




  • Our international audience has been growing, and we’ve been getting requests to translate our platform into Spanish…so here we go!



Ok, enjoy!  We have some more updates in a couple of weeks.

January 22, 2019

January 2019 Updates!

We are EXCITED to kick off the new year with these 4 new awesome updates:



  • Google’s two-step authentication now available when logging into eClincher – delivering to you that added level of security for your social media account access and management





  • Video direct publishing is finally here: similar to single image direct publishing, you can now schedule and publish a video post to Instagram Business profiles without the need of push notification reminder. Carousal/multiple images will still require push notification (hopefully Instagram will release API for it soon)



  • We are excited to release YouTube publishing: schedule your video with title, description and tags to your YouTube channel




  • By popular demand, you can append a ‘note’ to your Inbox Items, for later reference or a call out





  • And similarly, you can also add a note for team members when you assign an Inbox item. You can select to notify team member by email when item assigned. The note functionality includes date and time, name, and history of the past 10 notes





Watch this space in the next couple of weeks for more exciting updates based on your ever helpful feedback and comments 🙂

December 31, 2018

Last Day of 2018 Updates

We thought we were done for the year, but no!  We have some final super cool updates for you for the year.



  • Google My Business will require you to verify your business before you can publish or post, which we’ve enabled through the eClincher interface




  • We’ve updated our image editor, so you may notice a new interface and we’ve made sure to enable you to keep the crop and resize function so that you can optimize it for your social media channel



  • Given the growing popularity of Stories on Instagram, we added the capability to have a single image be something that you can post as a Story – with the “Force Push” button.



And with this feature update, you can now accomplish 5 things all in one IG post –  1. Tag people 2. Tag location 3. Add a Mention 4. Regram and now 5. post a story all at eClincher.  You won’t find this combination in many other platforms.



  • For your Facebook pages, instead of stars, you will now get notifications if people have given your page a ‘thumbs up’ (or thumbs down)




  • If you have a Premier or Agency account you’ll have the ability to analyze top-performing posts, across your own IG an your competitors – which will give you some good ideas on how you might want to adjust your content / copy.



  • We’ve enhanced LinkedIn Analytics so that you can track engagement based on a specific time period and determine best time to post.




and you’re also now able to see how your #hashtags perform on LinkedIn.



  • There’s a lot of data that we are crunching in Analytics so we’ve been working hard to optimize the time that it takes for the reports to be generated.  You should now see that the report generation for both LinkedIn and YouTube is faster than before.  Please let us know!


Looking forward to bring you some exciting new updates to kick off the year!

December 13, 2018

December Updates

Just in time to close out 2018, some cool new updates for you!



  • You can now pay for eClincher using PayPal!   


  • We support ‘mentions’ on the eClincher mobile application for Twitter and Facebook and locations on Instagram.



  • You can now tag “people” to your images in Instagram posts

          Upon creating the post, you will see the “Tag People” button.



          Once you click the “Tag People” button, a pop-up will appear.

          Simply type the correct Instagram account name, click “✓” and set the button as to where you’d like the tag to be placed. Then, click “OK”.



You will see that the “Tag People” button will be highlighted in green to signify that you have tagged an account in this post.



Please take a look at our popular article “How to Use or Find Popular Hashtags Mentions and Tags” for other tips on effective Mentions and Tags management with eClincher.


  • You can now mention LinkedIn accounts (with @) as well as topics (with #) in your posts.  In the example below, we are mention @target (the company) and #target (topic)


November 21, 2018

October – November Updates

Just in time for the holidays, we’re happy to announce new features to our platform that we hope frees up more of your time to be with your family.


  • You can now access tutorial videos from within the platform main menu dropdown (under your account image icon on the upper right)


social media management tutorials



  • You can now add “location” tag to your images in Instagram Business posts



  • We’ve added Google drive as a media source option for image insertion
  • You can now reorder images in your post using drag and drop


publishing to social media


  • We’ve added another time-band option in Scheduling that is meant to represent during business hours – 8:00am – 6:00pm.


  • Facebook mention/review/message is now live (as we had previously for Instagram Business comments/mentions)
  • In Facebook comments you can now reply privately (via Messenger) – from the FB page to the user who commented
  • We’ve added the support to mention in a Facebook comment (adding to the feature to mention in a post)
  • You can now choose to enhance your Facebook Boost with custom-audience and auto-post


  • YouTube Analytics now available
  • We now support graphs in custom reports and dashboard
  • We’ve added “the best time to post” analysis for Facebook (as we already had with Instagram)

Sept 28, 2018


Auto Post Instagram Queue: fixed issue related to Instagram image attachment with the wrong aspect ratio

When you try to publish an Instagram post with very wide or tall images, Instagram API may not publish your post if the aspect ratio does not meet Instagram requirements.

We added image aspect ratio verification to the Auto Post editor and to the Bulk Upload images. Please note, this verification has already existed in the regular post editor for scheduling posts.

The verification will prevent saving images with the wrong aspect ratio to Instagram queues.

If you have existing Instagram queues with very wide or tall images, or you may have received post failure emails, you can now check it by opening “suspicious” posts and try to save them.

If the image aspect ratio doesn’t meet Instagram API requirements – it will display en error message as shown below.

Instagram image attachment error

Sept 13, 2018


Auto Post Instagram Queue: fixed issue related to Instagram image attachment with the wrong aspect ratio

When you try to publish an Instagram post with very wide or tall images, Instagram API may not publish your post if the aspect ratio does not meet Instagram requirements.

We added image aspect ratio verification to the Auto Post editor and to the Bulk Upload images. Please note, this verification has already existed in the regular post editor for scheduling posts.

The verification will prevent saving images with the wrong aspect ratio to Instagram queues.

If you have existing Instagram queues with very wide or tall images, or you may have received post failure emails, you can now check it by opening “suspicious” posts and try to save them.

If the image aspect ratio doesn’t meet Instagram API requirements – it will display an error message as shown below.

Instagram image attachment error

Sept 12, 2018


Instagram Mentions

Instagram mentions are now available in our Inbox. In addition to Facebook and Twitter mentions, you can now track Instagram mentions. Mentions allow you to monitor and track your business reputation – never miss a mention again!

Instagram Competitor Report

Track and measure the performance of your Instagram profile versus your competitors. We added a new competitor report which will allow you to compare key metrics of your own brand Instagram profile versus competitor brands.

Visual Calendar

View your weekly scheduled posts in a visual manner. Each day of the week contains your scheduled posts, where each post is displayed with a full preview mode. You can easily find and edit your post right from the visual calendar.


Click Here For More Details

Aug 31, 2018


– Added Instagram Business mentions feature to the Social Inbox.

– Added impressions and reach to Instagram Business Analytics.


Instagram Mention








Aug 24, 2018


– Added ability to publish 10 images to Instagram from the eClincher desktop.

– Added a new display option to the Visual-Calendar. Scheduled posts can now be displayed by week or month.


Social media visual calendar

Aug 1, 2018


We are excited to release 11 new features. Read more in our announcement blog post:

Announcing new features

July 31, 2018


– Facebook Mentions is back: Facebook restored API access to page mentions

– Enhanced custom reports with more charts options: all analytics charts, tables and top posts from profile/pages analytics are now available in custom reports

– Removed publishing to Facebook user personal profiles, per Facebook new requirement: Facebook removed the API for posting to Facebook personal user profiles. Facebook recommends businesses to use pages rather than user profiles. We removed the option to publish and schedule posts to Facebook personal user profiles in the New Post, Auto Post queues and RSS feeds

– Added Yelp integration: you can now receive inbox notifications for new Yelp review

– Add new permission for Twitter DM: now you can grant or disable permission for team members to view and reply to Twitter DMs

– Fixed issue with Bulk Upload from CSV files

– Instagram User monitoring: remove search for user posts

– Fixed issue with Pinterest feeds display

– Fixed issue with Big Commerce API: user was not able to select products from Big Commerce library

– Fixed sorting issue with YouTube comments in inbox: sorting YouTube comments by date/time is now working

– Updated Visual Calendar post background color

– Mobile app new release with bug fixes (iOS 6.6.5 and Android 0.8.7

July 18, 2018


– Released Mobile app: android app version 0.8.5, iOS app version 6.6.1 (pending apple App Store release)

– Yelp review feed is now available from the left navigation bar. In addition to getting notification when ever you receive a new Yelp review, you can now view the feed in eClincher

– Custom Analytics Reports: enhanced analytics reports with more charts. We added various charts and summary tables  from the Analytics Reports tab to the Custom reports

July 8, 2018


New mobile app is now available :))

We are excited to release a brand new eClincher app for both iOS and Android devices. The new app was built from scratch with new design, user interface and speedy performance

You can visit the app store to download the new app

April 9, 2018


LinkedIn enhancement: We are excited to add LinkedIn personal profile to our inbox. Until today, only company page comments were collected and displayed in our inbox. Now, you can engage and respond to comments from your personal LinkedIn profile.

Instagram Business Analytics: We just released a brand new Instagram business analytics report. The report includes engagement performance with overtime trend line, best time to post heat map, hashtags analytics, and much more.

March 12, 2018

Major Update

New channel – Google My Business: You probably already heard about the latest push from Google. Google is now heavily promoting Google My business, your next online presence. Google My Business is important to improve your SEO ranking and to be “found” by new leads.

We are super excited to be the first social media management platform with full integration to Google My Business. You can now publish and schedule posts to your Google My Business accounts and locations.

Auto Post RSS Enhancement: We enhanced this feature with additional channels, giving you more sources to select content to automate publishing. In addition to our RSS and Atom feeds sources, now you can connect new feeds from: YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo and Medium.

Social Inbox: Your inbox just got upgraded! Now, conversations from Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM that include images, animated gifs, and stickers will be displayed in our social inbox. 

New & Expanded Emoji Library

Updated Facebook Analytics Reporting

Calendar Filter: new filters are now available to view manually scheduled posts, auto posts, and posts in approval list.

You can read more about these new features in our blog page.

December 4, 2017

Mobile Update

New release: iOS version 6.0.3  and  Android version 0.7.0

– Instagram publishing: added a new popup message to inform the user about Instagram post being copied to the mobile clipboard, and the ability to paste it into the Instagram caption area.

– Users can now attach larger images. Increase image attachment file size to 10MB.




November 8, 2017

New Features Announcement:

On November 7th 2017, Twitter announced a major update to its tweet format. Twitter is now supporting 280 characters, expanded from 140.

We are thrilled to announce that eClincher is now supporting 280 characters!

In addition, you may want to check out our newly released features:

– Zendesk CRM integration: you can now connect your Zendesk CRM account and open tickets directly from eClincher

– Fully customized analytics reports (drag & drop): select any profile, any chart, and simply drag and drop to create your own customized report.

– Insert saved #hashtags while composing new messages: a great option to insert saved #hashtags that you often use in Twitter, Instagram and other profiles. Simply click on the button “Save Replies & Hashtags” (available in New Post, Reply, Comments, etc.).

– Facebook Branded Pages: When you publish to Facebook page, all the page admins and page managers will see “published by eClincher” at each post header (not to worry – all other public viewers will see “published by page_name”. With Facebook Branded Pages feature, all the account admins and managers, including your clients, will see “published by your_brand_or_company_name…” – with every Facebook post you publish. This feature is avalable from the Add & Manage Accounts, for Premier, Agency and Enterprise accounts.

– Major enhancement of Chrome extension, including share via eClincher. You can now easily share articles, links, and posts from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Redit,  all while surfing the internet. Our Chrome extension will embade new button for easy share.


Mobile Update

iOS version 5.9.6 – released:– Fixed issue with posting videos to Instagram

– Fixed issue with pending Instagram posts not being deleted from Instagram Notifications

– Fixed issue with Instagram posts not being displayed in the Calendar


Android version 0.6.6 – released: 

– Fixed issue with posting videos to Instagram

– Fixed issue with pending Instagram posts not being deleted from Instagram Notifications

– Fixed issue with Instagram posts not being displayed in Calendar view after successful publishing



October 12, 2017

New Features Announcement:

We are happy to announce the following new features:

– Instagram suggested mentions: now, we will show you suggested Instagram mentions as soon as you start typing the handle and the text

– Customized Analytics Reports: make your own analytics report by using drag and drop functionality. Select any chart from any profile, including Google Analytics to build a new report

– Minor user interface updates


Mobile Update

iOS version 5.9.1 – released

Android version 0.6.4 – released 

We are thrilled to announce new features:

– New Save to Draft feature: added to option to save post to the draft folder

– New option to switch between Monitoring feeds: added list selection in a separate screen

– New button for Publishing compose message options: we added a “floating” button to select options such as: images, giphy, camera, save to draft, etc.

September 5, 2017

February 4, 2017

New feature Announcement:

We are thrilled to announce new features:

  • We added a new type of inbox filter for Twitter accounts – retweets! quickly view all your retweets in one feed.


eclincher, unified social media inbox


  • Updated reports: we completely changed and updated our analytics reports! click on the Analytics tab to view the new reports.


eclincher, social media analytics reports


  • Overall performance improvement during the login loading accounts time. Accounts loading time is now 3x faster.

December 12, 2016

New feature Announcement: Sniply Integration

We are thrilled to announce a new partnersthip and integration with Sniply – the easiest way to add Call-To-Action to your shared links. eClincher is now fully integrated with Sniply:)

Simply add your Sniply account to eClincher and start sharing call-to-actions with your target audiences.

Click on the Sniply button to add call-to-action to your shorten link:

Post with eClincher and using Sniply call-to-action


Your shared article from eClincher will display call-to-action popup:

Sniply integration with eClincher

November 22, 2016

New features and bug fixes:

Instagram Analytics: we are happy to announce the addition of Instagram Analytics. Get insights of all you Instagram posts.

Edit Links: we excited to add a new option of editing links. When you type or paste one or more links in the compose message box, you will now see a new option to edit links. Simply click on “Edit Links” button to edit each link. You can choose to shorten or unshorten each link, you can shorten with google utm tracking description or even open the link in a new tab.

Add to Queue: you can now add a post to multiple queues.

Drag and move popups: simply drag and move popups around the screen (use the “move” icon at the upper right corner of the popup).

Calendar Day Preview: added tooltip description to queue name.

Auto Post “Export as PDF”: we added a new feature – export all your posts in any selected queue to a pdf file. File includes post information such as date, text, links, and images.

Fixed bug with Post Preview emoji font size: decrease emoji font size to match the preview text.

November 9, 2016

New features and bug fixes:

Emoji is available!  compose new messages with emoji, increase engagement.

New Follow button in Custom Search Feeds: follow people right from you search feeds.

Drag and move popups: simply drag and move popups around the screen (use the “move” icon at the upper right corner of the popup).

Content Curation: new Topic Score slider, to filter topics by score.

Bug fixes with Windows edge browser.

November 3, 2016

New features and bug fixes:

New Facebook Review feed! we added new live feed displaying reviews and ratings.

New item in Inbox: Facebook reviews are now aggregated into the inbox.

New Instagram Auto Post: we are thrilled to add Instagram to Auto Post. Created Instagram queue and let it run in auto mode.

Fixed auto post Calendar issue with drag and drop times.

Calendar: add loading wheel when switching between days, until all daily posts are loaded and displayed.

In New Post – “Publish to:” dropdown menu: improve performance or speed of profile selection.

Posting groups in Post Settings: sort accounts inside the group alphabetically.

October 22, 2016

New features and bug fixes:

Share Post from Auto Post queues: we recently released new “share post” option from all live social feeds, content curation feeds, and RSS feeds. We are happy to release “share post” in Auto Post – queues. Simply click on the “share post” icon to publish or schedule posts from queues.

We no longer count Bitly, Feedly and Pocket accounts as part as your plan license. If you previously reached your plan limit with Bitly/Feedly/Pocket, you will now have additional profiles to add to your account. 

October 19, 2016

New features and bug fixes:

Instagram publishing: we are thrilled to release Instagram publishing. Schedule your posts and receive push notifications to remind you when it’s time to post.

Analytics Reports: generate on demand analytics reports in a pdf format. Upload your own logo to include in the report.

Share Post: all our live feeds, content curation, and analytics include “share post” button to quickly share content to other social media profiles and pages. Now, clicking on “share post” will open a new popup with the post ready to be shared. Click on “share post” button and post it immediately, or schedule it for later times. Publish your post and stay exactly where you left off within your feed.

User interafre alignment and cosmetic issues in large desktop screens and in Firefox browser.

October 4, 2016

New features and bug fixes:

Pocket – display and sort articles by saved time: most recent saved articles are now displayed first at the top.

“Save to Draft” & “Save to Queue” buttons: are now enabled when editing a post or sharing from analytics, without the need of adding characters or modifying the post.

“Shorten Link” button: is now automatically closed after manually shortening a link. The shorten link will be pasted to the compose message box area, and the “Shorten Link” box will be closed.

Fixed bug with Post Settings – including title with pasted link: when “Include title description with the link” is set to “No” –  title was still added with the 2nd pasted link. Now, title is not added.

eClincher settings

Auto Post Queues: added creation or edit date to posts in queues. This will help you manage your queues to quickly find older posts and delete or edit them.

September 20, 2016

New features and bug fixes:

Update to Twitter 140 character count: Twitter announced update to its 140 character count. Images and gifs are no longer counted as part of the 140 characters. Twitter made this update to give you more characters when engaging with your audience and publishing multimedia. We are thrilled about the change and we have updated the entire eClincher platform so you can take advantage of it right away.

Learn more here: twitters-new-simpler-rules-for-character-counts-in-tweets-go-live

Fixed bug with “Add & Manage Accounts”: in rare cases, selecting and unselecting profiles did not update the plan license.

Fixed bug with sharing post from Instagram to Twitter and Facebook: when sharing Instagram post to Twitter and Facebook, the image did not published (missing image).

September 2, 2016

Announcing new features:

Composing a new message for Facebook page and LinkedIn company page: often, we simply paste a link into the compose message box. Then, eClincher will scrape the link and pull in images, title, and description (you can see it in the Post Preview). Have you ever wished you can edit the link title, change the description text, or even swap the image?

Now you can:)

    Facebook page: edit title and description

    LinkedIn Company page: edit title, description and change image

Edit Facebook and LinkedIn title, description and image with eClincher


Content Curation Enhancement: we added filters and the total number of articles found.

content curation feeds with eClincher


Added new Instagram feed: My Followers and Following (people I follow)

August 25, 2016

Announcing new features and bug fixes:

 – Drag and Drop Attachments: you can now simply drag and drop attachement files such as photos and videos to the compose message area. The attachment will automatically be loaded.

– MBG (Mutiple Brand Group): fixes bugs with video attachments and other MBG related issues. Performance improvement.

– Other minor bug fixes and perfromance improvement.

August 23, 2016

We are thrilled to announce new features and bug fixes:

 – Facebook Boost: you can now boost your organic post right from the Facebook feeds. Find a post you would like to boost, and then click on the post menu icon to open the boost popup. Boost feature will work if you already have an active advertising Facebook account. Facebook will charge your account directly.

– Content Curation Feeds: in case you missed our announcement last week. You can now curate nd find article on the web using keywords. A great way to find and share relevant content.

– Post Preview: we added the ability to “read more” and view the full post. Posts in Calendar view, list view, Draft view include this option. If your post is long (more than two lines, you had to click on “edit post” in order to view the full text. Now, we added the option to click on “read more” for longer posts.

– Google URL shortener: fixed bug with Google URL shortener.

– MBG video support (for Agency plans): MBG (Multiple Brand Group) is now supporting video attachment. MBG is a custom group (available in Post Settings) allowing you to create custom group with multiple profiles from multiple brands. Great to share the same content among multiple brands.

August 20, 2016

We are thrilled to announce two new features:

  – Content Curation Feeds: we enhanced our content curation feature set. In addition to RSS/Atom feeds, Custom Search feeds (mainly Twitter search with keywords), Feedly, and Pocket, you can now create your own customized Content Curation Feeds with any keywords. Content Curation Feeds is available from the Feeds tab. The search results will display articles and news from all over the web. Your feed will be saved in your dashboard.

  – Multiple Brand Group (MBG): MBG, or Multiple Brand Group is designed for agencies to provide franchise solution. Agecncy can now publish the same content among multiple brands. Simply go to Post Settings, create new customized group, then drag and drop profiles, pages, and social groups from various brands. Once you add a profile, page or groug from a different brand, the MBG will automaticlly be created. The new MBG is available from the profile selection dropdown menu. Once you select MBG, all profiles/pages/groups within that MBG will be populated in the “Publish to:” field.

August 16, 2016

Announcing new features:

  – Inbox fast performance: loading time for inbox is now 5x faster.

  – New “Clear” button inside the compose message box: you can now click on the “x” to conveniently delete your text/link/attachment inside the compose box without loosing your profile/pages selection. The new “x” button is available in the New Post and Auto Post compose message box.

August 9, 2016

New features and bug fixes:

eClincher handles and hashtags recent mentions  -Twitter and Facebook Mentions and Tags: while composing new message, and typing any handle name “@” or hashtag “#”, eClincher will display all your recent used handles and hashtags and handles suggestions from Twitter and Facebook – Suggested Mentions. You can quickly select the best match as you typing and adding new characters.

  -Fixed bug with Inbox failing to load items

  -Inbox Settings: when you uncheck to remove a profile or a page from your Inbox, we are now displaying a new warning message asking you confirm the removal of the profile/page and all its related items.

  -Inbox loading issue: in rare cases, the inbox would get stuck while loading items. 

August 4, 2016

New features and bug fixes:

  • Twitter search enhancement (in general search or custom search feeds):

   –  You can now apply filter option to exclude “my followers” from your custom search feed results – this is a new option in Advanced search popup,

       found on each one of the custom search feeds

   –  Search for specific topic or tweets from specific people. Simply open Advanced search or the general Search and type in the Search term field: “from:tesla”

       to see tweets from tesla (as an example), or type: tesla computer to see tweets with the words tesla and computer

  • Performance improvement with adding, deleting RSS and Custom search feeds: adding or deleting feeds are now super fast
  • Instagram home feed: added option to delete comments

July 28, 2016

We are excited to announce new features and bug fixes:

  • New image editing capability: compose new message, attached an image and quickly edit any image with lots of features such as: contrast, brightness, colors, add text, headers, and much more
  • Performance improvement of links and images scraping: when you add a link to your message, we automatically scrape it and bring multiple images for your choice. Select which image you would like to publish
  • Added Instagram Comments to Inbox: Inbox is now collecting all your Instagram comments and displaying them in a beautiful format
  • Added easy-to-read tooltip: simply hover on social media profiles, names, and many other functions to see the new tooltip
  • Updated our software with the new Facebook API
  • Publishing List View: fixed a bug with displaying posts in a list view
  • Enhanced Facebook Comments in the Inbox main feed – view the full comment on the main feed

July 21, 2016

New feature announcement: we added a quick search on the top navigation bar. Use any keyword, search term or handle to quickly find it. Search for tweets, top stories, people on Twitter, or find people, pages, and places on Facebook.

July 9, 2016

Updated UI: We finally did it. A new face-lift to our user interface with new colors, look and feel. Hope you like it. Thanks, the eClincher Team.

July 9, 2016

We fixed an issue with Bitly paid account shortener to include your Bitly custom domain. When you compose a new message and paste a link, it will be automatically shortened using Bitly or Google. If you select your own Bitly account, the shortened link will incude your custom domain. From Post Settings, you can easily select which link shortener to use – Google, Bitly, or using your own paid Bitly account with custom domain.

July 6, 2016

Bug fixes, inbox comments and user interface updates.

  • Fixed bug with setting queue “run until end date”
  • Fixed bug with video thumbnail selection
  • Added Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ comments into the inbox main feed. You can now view new comments on the feed itself and you can click to view the full post and all previous comments
  • Updated left panel UI (where accounts are displayed), added links to our mobile apps and information of how to add and use Pocket account within eClincher

June 29, 2016

We are happy to announce a new feature for Auto Post queue. You can now move individual posts and re-order your queue. Simply drag and drop any post within your queue and click “Save Order” to save your changes.

In addition, we added to our Twitter Custom Search feeds the ability to search with “OR” between keywords. You can now search for keyword1 OR keyword2 and see results for either keyword.

June 26, 2016

We are happy to announce a new feature – Post Preview. No more guessing how your post will be published on each of your connected social accounts. While you compose your message, attach an image, or adding a link, eClincher will show you a post preview for each selected profile.

June 21, 2016

We are happy to announce video attachment support. You can now publish posts with video attachment to Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Twitter video file requirements:

  • Video size: 15MB
  • Supported video format: mp4 – mov – avi
  • Video length: up to 30 seconds
  • Frame rate should be 40fps or less
  • Aspect ratio: between 1:3 and 3:1
  • Dimensions: between  32 x 32 and 1280 x 1024


Facebook video file requirements:

  • Video size: 1GB
  • Supported video format: mp4 – mov – avi
  • Video length: up to 20 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16 and 16:9

June 14, 2016

  • Added new page “Product Updates”. You can now view all our updates, announcments, and bug fixes under this page. Inside the app, click on your user name and then “Product Updates”
  • Just like Twitter native app, eClincher is now displaying scrape view within Twitter Home feed and My Tweets & Replies feed. A scrape view includes title, description and image – a much better way to get people engaged
  • Fixed an issue with copying posts from a queue that contains “&” in its name

Mobile Updates:

  • Publishing to Twitter with link: link scrape preview will now be displayed only if Twitter will actually post the scrapped link (the tweet will contain title, description and image from the link itself)
  • Added left/right swipe option to switch between feeds
  • Updated team member roles to ensure team member will see only assigned brands or social accounts
  • Pocket: added Favorite, Tags, Delete, and Archive buttons
  • Fixed issue with Share post from feeds
  • Publishing: added “Back” button to go back to the previous screen
  • iPad: fixed alignment of buttons, icons and text

June 11, 2016

Twitter scrape:

When publishing links to Twitter, it does not scrape all links. Therefor, it’s difficult to know if the link will be published as a scrape (title, description and image) or as a simple text plus a link (which does not look good without the image).

  • In case Twitter does not scrape, we will give you the option to attach an image from the link scrapped images – Twitter will publish your tweet text, link plus an image
  • In case Twitter scrapes the link – you will see a scrape preview – Twitter will publish your tweet text and a scraped article or website (looks great on Twitter)

June 9, 2016

  • We expanded our content curation feeds to include RSS and Atom structured feeds.
  • Twitter Follow/Following in feeds: we added Follow/Following button inside the Twitter live feeds (mentions, Custom Search feeds..). You can now find new people and quickly follow or unfollow them right from the feed.
  • Link clicks tracking: with Google utm campaign, you can now track links with every post you publish from eClincher. In Post settings, select Google shortener and add description or keywords to the utm entries (source, medium, content, campaign). Adding description or keywords will allow you to track link clicks for specific campaigns. Once you save google shortener with the utm entries, it will automatically be added to any pasted link in the compose message box.
  • Bitly integration: use our default Bitly to shorten your links or use your own Bitly account. You can now add one or more Bitly accounts via Add & Manage Accounts.
  • Twitter Inbox enhancement: When replying to Twitter mentions, you can now request to move the conversation to private DM. Simply check the the box to request private DM. The recipient will need to approve the request, and Twitter will now modify the public tweet conversation to private DM.
  • Auto Post, Bulk Upload (upload posts from CSV file): 2X faster upload speed.
  • Twitter analytics: we added the ability to export tables from the Influence tab.