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We’re always improving our products based on customer feedback. We make lots of small improvements regularly, but here’s a note of the main features we’re working on next.

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eclincher product updates

Someone leaving your team?

Employee turnover is unavoidable, and while it is never easy, managing this transition is an important and valuable investment for any company.

Sometimes you might transition departmental responsibilities and also need to migrate responsibilities inside the eclincher social media management tool.

The employee transition or what we call “the handover” is an important process for any organization.

While much of the focus has traditionally been placed on onboarding, offboarding exiting employees and completing the formal transition process is just as important.

We are here to help you with your offboarding eclincher process. With the eclincher ‘User Migration Tool’, you can easily migrate all eclincher data to a new user  or transitioned employee in just a few clicks.

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eclincher product updates

Combining Brands Just Got An Upgrade!

In a previous update, you were only able to combine up to 10 brands in your inbox. 

But, what if you have 50 brands? 

Problem solved. Now you can combine two brands or every brand you manage under one roof. 

What does this mean? 

Now, as reviews, mentions, interactions, and communications roll in you can answer them as they arrive in order. How cool is that? 

This is especially great if someone on your team only wants to see certain brands they are responsible for or want complete visibility. 

Check out this content in Course 3 on the eclincher Academy.

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Insta Link eclincher product update

Insta Link by eclincher is here!

Marketers who already use eclincher will LOVE this new product update.

Insta Link is not just for eCommerce. Insta Link by eclincher is for any entity, business, or organization looking to promote anything or anyone online.

Insta Link (in bio) is a powerful way for your business Instagram to increase traffic to a targeted list of links to featured products, services, campaigns, other websites, foundations, blogs and more! If your business wants to drive traffic to a certain landing page(s), then Insta Link is for you if you are social selling. 

eclincher Insta Link screenshot

Highlights of Insta Link by eclincher:
  •  Each Insta Link page can be branded with a custom logo of your choosing.
  • The Insta Link will live in your Instagram bio. Once set up, your Insta Link will generate and can be pasted into your IG bio section.
  • Your Insta Link page shows like an Instagram grid full of images.
  • Each image can be tagged with multiple links to products, services, pages with external links.
  • Content being scheduled through eclincher can also update your Insta Link page in real time when the post goes live. 


Don’t waste any time! Set up YOUR Insta Link by eclincher now! Let’s increase engagement, traffic, and social selling for your company! 

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Best Time To Post _ Publishing eclincher

This has long been an ask from our #eclincherfam. Previously, you had this feature but had to go to the Analytics section or the Visual Calendar to see when the best time to post would be an option. 

But, that isn’t always conducive to a social media manager’s workflow. Based on the feedback we received from our clients, we decided to add this to the publishing screen. 

NOTE: Currently, eclincher curates the best time to post for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Click below to learn how to use this powerful feature only by eclincher. 

best time to post eclincher screenshot

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Hey Google & Dropbox, save a seat for Cloudinary!

eclincher product updates

Currently, eclincher integrations now include Cloudinary: 

  • Yelp
  • Feedly
  • Pocket
  • Bitly
  • Sniply
  • Zendesk
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Square
  • Canva
  • Wave Video Editor
  • Cloudinary 

Cloudinary is a cloud-based service that simplifies your image and video management needs. Now fully integrated with eclincher, you can upload the images and videos you need for your content with just one click. Click the link below to learn how to add your Cloudinary account.

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Internal & External Users have more control!

eclincher product updates

For Premier and Agency accounts, you can now:

  • Add additional users
  • Have access to the billing section
  • External Users – with approved permission, can now add social media profiles from their dedicated external link.

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Activate Instagram DM replies and mentions with eclincher!

Introducing Instagram Direct Messages by eclincher
API limitations are a roadblock we are constantly working to overcome with our social media partners here at eclincher. As of August 16, 2021 you no longer have to have 1k-100k followers to benefit from this feature. Now that the Instagram API has lifted this limitation, all IG Business accounts have access through their eclincher account. 

One question that constantly comes up from prospective clients or current users is:

“Can I reply to IG DM’s through the eclincher platform?”

While there are still mild limitations, and we will get to that shortly, it is NOW possible to manage your Business Instagram Direct Messages through your eclincher account. 

With Instagram DM by eclincher businesses will be able to:
  • Reply (through the eclincher Social Inbox) to general Instagram direct messages from your eclincher account.
  • Get notified (through the eclincher Social Inbox) when you are mentioned in an Instagram story or when you have messages.
  • Reply (through the eclincher Social Inbox) when you are mentioned in an Instagram story.
  • Respond (through the eclincher Social Inbox) when someone replies to your Instagram story.
Instagram Direct Messages eclincher
Instagram Limitations:
  • Must activate ‘Message Controls’ to allow for tools to access messages
  • Must reply to IG stories within 24 hours inside the eclincher Social Inbox.
  • Must reply to IG DMs within 7 days inside the eclincher Social Inbox.


GMB Analytics 4.0

We NOW integrate with Google Analytics 4.0 (GA4)

Google Analytics is changing and getting a big update as you’ve probably already heard. Here is a breakdown of GA4

Highlights of the new Google Analytics 4:
  • It’s built with machine learning as the main form of data measurement, using “modeling” that can extrapolate from existing data and make assumptions about site traffic/user behavior.
  • The new AI powered “Insights” feature is meant to automatically highlight helpful information for marketers.
  • It’s focused on giving marketers a “more complete understanding of the customer journey across devices.”
  • And it seems that it’s more focused on measuring an end-to-end shopper journey, and not just individual metrics across devices/pages/segments.
  • It’s designed to be “future proof” and work in a world without cookies or identifying data.
  • Google Analytics 4 features “data streams” instead of the views and segments used by old Universal Analytics properties.
  • There is no “view” level section of GA4. Whereas traditional Universal Analytics famously has three levels (Account, Property, and View), GA4 only has Account and Property levels.
  • Whereas “event tracking” in classic Analytics required modified Analytics code or gtag.js script, Google Analytics 4 claims to enable editing, tracking and fine-tuning of events within the UI. This means interactions like clicks, page-scroll, and more.

New capabilities of GA4
  • GA4 will allow marketers to edit, correct and fine-tune the way events are tracked in their analytics without having to editing on-site code.
  • Data Import can now include a wide range of data from non-website sources (like apps for example) all within one property.
  • Cross-domain tracking that does not require code adjustments either, can be done within the UI.
  • A “Life Cycle Report” which seems to be one of the biggest changes in Analytics and focuses on user journey.
  • Plus “templated reports for ecommerce funnels” give marketers a way to display and visualize data – a feature that before was only available in Analytics 360 accounts.

Google Recommends: Most companies are keeping UA and layering in GA4. Here is how to tag for both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4.0.

eclincher square integration

eCommerce companies who are looking for a better way to promote their products on social can now sigh in relief. 

Promote your products through eclincher on your social media channels.

Easily integrate your Square account, choose the product you want to promote, post now or later, and add to your bottom line.

Share your products to social right through your Square account.

Share directly from your product page to your social media channels with the Google Chrome extension.

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eclincher is NOW listed on the Square App Marketplace

Collaboration with your team just got easier! You can NOW mention team members on social media post drafts, approvals, and comments!

Just type @ and the team members name to tag them in the comment, approval, or draft post. 

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There is a lot you can do on Instagram through eclincher! But, there are some features we have been waiting for release from the Instagram API. 



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Reputation by eclincherThe long wait for Reputation is now over. Reputation is a must-have for any business, agency, firm, or franchise who prioritizes their brand reputation. 

What makes Reputation special?

With this powerful, intuitive feature:

  • Get instant access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs, forums, reviews & more.
  • Discover how people really feel  about your brand through sentiment analysis (Think positive, negative, & neutral)
  • Uncover trends and conversations of any set of keywords, hashtags, or phrases across the web
  • Understand how your brand is perceived online. Get in front of any crisis and respond before it’s too late.


Companies seeking pricing, can subscribe to 3 different plans to suit your business as an add-on feature to any eclincher plan. 

Here is a breakdown of the 3 tiered options.

  • 5 keywords
    • 5,000 mentions/reviews per month, data update every 12h , 6M retention of data in our database. $39/month.
  • 10 keywords
    • 20,000 mentions/reviews per month, data update every 4h , 12M retention of data in our database. $99/month.
  • 20 keywords
    • 100,000 mentions/reviews per month, data update every 1h , 36M retention of data in our database. $299/month.

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Agency accounts will NOW have the opportunity to combine their inbox brands.


With the combined brand inbox, you can now see up to 10 brands combined messages and interactions. Respond in order, increase your efficiency, and tackle your response strategy.

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Sometimes it is not clear what sentiment is being picked up when you receive an interaction inside your eclincher inbox.

Sometimes, you need more clarity.

We understand.

Now when you see “Mixed” this means you have multiple sentiments included. For example, if you got a positive review, but there was a suggestion that could be seen as negative, it will come back as mixed.