6 Red Flags in a Social Media Marketing Agency

You’re at the point when your business is gaining traction and you realize you need help marketing your brand on social media. Congratulations! But there’s a problem… You’re no marketing expert. You have no experience in scheduling posts, tracking metrics, driving website traffic, and converting leads. The entire social media process feels so overwhelming that […]

Calling All Agencies! How to Best Manage Your Clients’ Online Presence

The digital world today brings us connectedness and convenience but only if it’s well-curated and cultivated – for enterprises of any size, maintaining an online presence is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. About 15 years ago, only a few knew about the Internet and used it. Today, people around the world use it […]

Best Practices for Social Media Post Approval

Just about everyone has occasional moments of regret pressing Send or Post or Tweet, then immediately realizing that the content could have been a little better, or maybe a mistake snuck through. Sometimes people move onto the next thing, proud of work accomplished, only to realize their problem later when negative reactions build up. The […]

How to Grow Your Marketing Agency (Step-by-Step Guide)

Marketing agencies are everywhere these days, and I mean everywhere. Every time I check my LinkedIn I see a new one pop up somewhere. And there is a variety of them too – social media agencies, marketing, growth marketing, growth hacking, content creators, you name it. What’s your marketing agency like?  Regardless of all these new […]