5 Ways eCommerce Brands are Utilizing Social Media Differently

5 ways eCommerce Brands_Use Social Media Differently

Don’t you hate those cheesy branded ads that popup on your feed? No, I don’t want to hear your jingle, you anonymous office worker.  On the other hand, when I see an influencer I follow show off a product, I immediately want to know more. DTC brands are revolutionizing the way they use social media.  […]

Calling All Agencies! How to Best Manage Your Clients’ Online Presence

The digital world today brings us connectedness and convenience but only if it’s well-curated and cultivated – for enterprises of any size, maintaining an online presence is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. About 15 years ago, only a few knew about the Internet and used it. Today, people around the world use it […]

Why LinkedIn Will Be HUGE in 2018

LinkedIn has been quietly growing over the last few years. With the recent addition of content and the LinkedIn feed (similar to Facebook) where people can share their stories and life lessons, LinkedIn is gaining even more popularity than ever before. We predict that the social network is going to explode even more in 2018. […]

The Beginner’s Guide to B2B Email Segmentation

I bet you have a long list of subscribers, and you have heard about making the most of these lists using email marketing. But…have you? And most important… Do you know how to do your B2B email segmentation? The truth is that most email marketing campaigns are not working as well as they should, and […]

10 B2B Marketing Tips for a Digital Economy

It’s a digital age, and that means digital marketing should be something you focus on heavily as the owner or employee of a B2B business. What makes a business B2B exactly? When you offer services to other businesses, like content writing or credit card processing, you fall into this category – aptly summarized as Business […]