Become An Ad Expert: An Effective How-To Guide

become an ad expert

The ad industry is one of the most competitive and lucrative industries in the world. Becoming an ad expert requires years of experience, certifications, and a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other forms of advertising. Let’s consider the market as it is right now.  Ever since the […]

6 Tips to Actually Grow Your Brand on Social Media

6 Tips To Actually Grow Your Brand On Social Media Now eclincher

For startups and growing businesses, building a branded identity is key to success — period. Your brand is the thing that makes your team unique.  It’s what sets your company apart from your competition, and what keeps your customers onboard. Your brand on social media is a digital footprint and extension of your identity as […]

What to Include in Your Social Media Policy

what to include in your social media policy

Over 90 percent of U.S. companies use social media for marketing purposes. However, only a few have implemented a sound social media policy. Other organizations don’t put nearly enough attention on their social media policy. Some of them either have one that isn’t adequate to protect their business’ interests or don’t have a social media […]

The Power of Social Media in Marketing and CRM

The Power of Social Media in Marketing and CRM

This blog was updated in May 2020. At first, people used social media to connect. But over time, they started to use and rely on social media more and more. Billions of people of all ages are engaging with each other directly and in various communities. Some users were too small to remember when social […]

Google My Business Listing: Guide To Grow My Business [Tutorial]

eclincher google my business

This blog was updated in March 2021. Google My Business has the tools you need to make your business grow in your local area and beyond. Every company wants a magic bullet to be on the first page of Google. Unfortunately, there isn’t one, but there are tools to improve your aim. This blog will […]

Improve Brand Loyalty Through Social Media Marketing


Social media has changed the way we interact with friends, family, colleagues, and most importantly, brands. Through social media, customers can connect with brands, companies, and products in a way unlike ever before. This provides a unique opportunity for you to create brand loyalty through social media marketing. As an entrepreneur, small business owner, marketing […]