20 Ways To Boost Sales Through Social Media

Running social media for your company or for a client, it’s tough to get respect as a contributor to the bottom line.   Revenues of course matter, a lot. “Always be closing” salespeople may constantly remind you while dismissing your contributions as merely cute positioning and chatter, without moving the needle on real business success. […]

How to Start a $100K / Year Business [Part 2]

PART 2 – Create the content Once you have validated your business idea and want to pursue it you need to create some content around it. If you are really serious about starting your business, you have your idea, you have some people that bought it, now you have to go out and tell more […]

How to Start a $100K / Year Business [Part 1]

Starting your own business is tough and so many people fail, why? There are so many reasons. The first one is obviously the why. PART 1 – The Why Most people start their own business because they want to: -make a bunch of money -work on a beach -live on a yacht But real reason […]

The Social Selling Partnership – Your Role as Sales Rep

Social selling is the biggest trend in marketing right now, and for good reason. Previous fad methods of marketing focused on the business, but the introduction of social media into the marketing schema has completely changed the way businesses interact with their customers. While Twitter’s original intended purpose was for businesses only, John Q. Public […]