New Feature – Post Approval

We are super excited to launch this long-awaited feature! We have finally launched the post approval feature that allows your team to ask an internal team member or a client for approval. Post Approval is available on our Premier, Agency, and Enterprise plans. Let’s dive in. Let’s say I want to write a social media […]

Announcing New features: Custom Analytics, Zendesk & Saved Replies

Hey everyone! Happy December! We are super excited to announce some really awesome new features that you can now use on the eClincher platform. Let’s dive in. 1. Custom Analytics Reports (premier, agency & enterprise only) This is a one of our long-awaited new features that everyone has been asking for. You can now create […]

New & Powerful eClincher Features

We are super excited to bring you more awesome features that we developed for you this summer. These will help you boost your engagement, get more loyal followers, and work more efficiently with your social media team and clients. 1. Boost your Facebook post within eClincher features You can now easily boost any Facebook post […]

e-clincher Review – “e-clincher is My Secret Weapon”

It’s Sunday morning at 8 am and I’ve fired up my computer to do some first morning tasks for my clients’ courtesy of e-clincher. This tool is my secret weapon which allows me to successfully manage 50 social profiles including my own private and business profiles as well. Here’s how I accomplish this: 1. Check […]

How to Design Like a Pro with Canva & eClincher

If you’re like me and you’re good with content and picking the right words and language to use for your article, chances are that you are not as good with design. I suck at design, but I think I’m good right? I always know what I want a design to look like, but ultimately I […]

New Saved Replies Feature

People talking

Are you tired of typing out every single response to a reply, tweet, comment, or a dm manually? Tired of overworking your army of DM copywriters that live in your basement? Yep, me too. (It’s not inhumane, I throw them cookies down the laundry shoot from throughout the day). This is why we have created […]

The Comprehensive Post Publishing Guide with eClincher

Hey everyone, super excited that you are reading this post. We have a TON of new features that will make you post publishing super easy. Our powerful features make every one of your posts stand out and help you to have all the tricks of the trade at your fingerprints. Let’s begin! Publishing & Scheduling […]