5 Examples of Great Holiday Social Media Marketing

Holiday social media marketing campaigns flood into our channels as soon as Halloween is over. So many businesses try to appeal to the general holiday feeling, reminding us that Christmas is around the corner. We start seeing holiday-themed billboards, TV ads, social media campaigns, and emails. And then the music…the Christmas caroling is in every […]

Tips to Effectively Manage Digital Presence for Small Businesses

This blog was updated in March 2021. Reaching out and forging new relationships is critical to any business. It might seem easier to do in person. But, how do you effectively manage your digital presence online if you’re a small business?  With more than three billion people active on social media and growing, these platforms […]

Boost Social Media Engagement With These 8 Proven Tactics

When compared to traditional marketing methods, social media marketing has a lot higher lead-to-close rate. No digital marketing campaign can go without it, and marketers know that. It’s the easiest way to reach out to your audience. Before, you wouldn’t know how your ads were performing. Today, you’ve got a constant influx of data every […]

Best Practices for Social Media Post Approval

Just about everyone has occasional moments of regret pressing Send or Post or Tweet, then immediately realizing that the content could have been a little better, or maybe a mistake snuck through. Sometimes people move onto the next thing, proud of work accomplished, only to realize their problem later when negative reactions build up. The […]

10 Rules of Social Media Engagement

At eClincher, we obsess over the day-to-day responsibilities of being a social media manager. Whether you’re with an agency managing activities for multiple clients, or you’re a specialist within a large enterprise, or you’re the proprietor of a small business, we are always putting ourselves in your shoes to understand what you need to get […]

Ultimate Guide: How to Build Community on Social Media

Everyone talks about content, content marketing, content distribution, but the topic of building a community on social media of engaged followers is not discussed enough.  If you are pumping out content and no one is engaging with it then something is not working. This is what a lot of entrepreneurs are facing and the common […]

Boost Sales with Social Media Engagement

  The social media marketing revolution has begun! More companies are seeing the value social media can provide their business and have decided to start leveraging the various platforms to grow their sales. But so many of them are still using it wrong. They see it as a way for free advertising. They keep sharing […]

How to Better Your B2B Social Engagement Statistics

While any company can work on B2B marketing more networking and partnership, some companies lend themselves better to B2B marketing strategies. The definition of a B2B business is akin to being a middleman. You don’t help a person if you own a B2B business; you help tens to potentially thousands of people within one company. […]

4 Tips for Better Engagement on Social Media

We often don’t think about what we say online, which is very evident in our current Internet culture. From seemingly harmless “trolls” who rant and rave on YouTube and send hateful messages on Twitter, to actually harmful cyber bullying that can sometimes lead to grave consequences, it’s very obvious that there’s a great difference from […]