13 Facebook Ad Copy Tips for Better Engagement and Conversions

When it comes to paid advertisements online, the tiniest details can make or break the success of your ad’s performance. Take your Facebook ad copy, for instance. All too often, we see marketers throw a few sentences in there and call it a day. In reality, your Facebook ad copy is crucial when it comes […]

Do Facebook Ads Work? 7 Expert Tips for Success

Facebook ads aren’t as ineffective as most marketers think. In fact, in the 4th quarter of 2018, their ad revenue was reported at $16.9 billion dollars. This means businesses are, in fact, spending serious money on Facebook ads. Why? Because people are actually clicking on them. So, do Facebook ads work? They must. Why all the […]

Social Media Basics, Part 1: Facebook Best Practices

Facebook is the leader of the pack when it comes to social media, and for a good reason. They reported that as of December of 2018, they have 1.52 billion daily active users. If you’re thinking that Facebook is important for your digital marketing strategy, you’re correct — but what are some Facebook best practices? […]

What the New Facebook Algorithm Change Means

Just when we were getting used to the current social media algorithms Facebook decided to throw another wrench in the so far successful year we’re having. Another Facebook algorithm change? Yep.  Every so often another social media channel changes their algorithms and leaves marketers scrambling to find the best ways to get maximum views and […]

5 Growth Hacks on Facebook Messenger

When Facebook launched its Facebook Messenger app a lot of people were skeptical about Facebook having a ton of different apps. They thought that it’s not going to work. Messenger proved them wrong and currently has 1.2 billion monthly users. That being said, there are a ton of businesses that now use Messenger to get […]

NEW Facebook Boost Feature in e-clincher is Here!

The feature that you have been all waiting for is finally here – the ability to boost a Facebook post within eClincher. Now you really don’t need to log in to Facebook for anything. This feature only works for your Facebook pages.  So how do you use the features? Simple. Step 1 –  Click on […]

How to Grow Your Facebook Audience

With nearly 1 billion daily active users, Facebook is definitely the most used social network worldwide. Often overlooked however is the value Facebook brings to businesses. Customers now expect ALL businesses to be on Facebook, so follow the steps below to improve your presence on Facebook: Fill out your profile completely: It is important to […]

Five Tips for Winning Facebook Posts

Are you looking at your Facebook analytics and wondering why they aren’t showing improvement? You might be like a lot of businesses. You know Facebook, with over 1 billion users, has the potential to boost your website statistics and lead to more conversions, but you’re not sure how to make that happen. Here are five […]