The Social Media Metrics Map: A Comprehensive Guide for Marketers

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The days when you could afford to treat social media as an afterthought are long past. In 2021, social media is not just a cool place to be; it’s an extension of your brand. It shows who you are and guides you to where you’re headed. Managing this online community, making it work for your […]

Mastering 5 Types of Video Content for Marketing Campaigns

Mastering 5 Types of Video Content for marketing campaigns

Running an online campaign in today’s internet age has never been relatively so easy. In the video-first era, marketers found that people loved to watch a plethora of videos every day. So utilizing video content for marketing campaigns may seem to be the next logical step as you seek to shift your social media marketing […]

Smart Social Media for Business in 2021: A Marketer’s Guide

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4.41 billion. According to a forecast by Statista, that’s how many active social media users there will be by 2025. For marketers, those numbers can only mean one thing — an audience to market their products. If you’re a marketer and you’re not leveraging social media for business, you’re definitely missing out on an excellent […]

How To Use TikTok For Business: Kickstart Growth in 2021

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Over the past couple of years, TikTok has become one of the world’s favorite social media platforms. With over 800 million active monthly users on TikTok worldwide,  2 billion downloads so far, and becoming one of the most downloaded non-gaming apps we definitely do NOT recommend passing on this, now, mainstream social media platform. The […]

3 Vital Marketing Skills Every Marketing Manager Needs to Have in 2018

Marketing has been growing by leaps and bounds, and every year there are new tools and strategies that come out and blow our minds, so take note of these marketing skills. 2017 was no different. It was a whirlwind of marketing and social media innovation the likes of which the world has never seen before… […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Growth Hack Your Content Marketing Strategy

Meet Mudit Jain, he is a young entrepreneur that is the Founder and CEO of Talkers Code, a popular site with over 100,000 monthly visitors and a large library of free tutorials on programming and web design. He has a super smart content marketing strategy of offering huge amounts of free content, in the form of […]