MoviePass and ther Corporate Mishaps

If you haven’t been living under a rock (if you have I applaud you for living rent-free) you have probably heard about this disaster in the making, MoviePass. MoviePass (is/was?) a service which let subscribers pay a whopping $9.95 to see unlimited movies a month.  Now that’s a great idea if I ever heard one, […]

Why LinkedIn Will Be HUGE in 2018

LinkedIn has been quietly growing over the last few years. With the recent addition of content and the LinkedIn feed (similar to Facebook) where people can share their stories and life lessons, LinkedIn is gaining even more popularity than ever before. We predict that the social network is going to explode even more in 2018. […]

e-clincher Review – “e-clincher is My Secret Weapon”

It’s Sunday morning at 8 am and I’ve fired up my computer to do some first morning tasks for my clients’ courtesy of e-clincher. This tool is my secret weapon which allows me to successfully manage 50 social profiles including my own private and business profiles as well. Here’s how I accomplish this: 1. Check […]

Use any RSS feed to automatically publish new posts to social media

Creating and writing content is probably the most time consuming task of any online business. And yet, it is what makes or breaks your brand, what boosts your sales, what tells your story. So let’s say you just finished writing your blog posts, you found all the right images, you fixed all the headers and […]