Short-Form Videos: 12 Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Brand Today

short-form videos 12 tips and tricks to grow your brand today

In 2021, brands spent over $49.5 billion on video marketing. The reason why is simple: videos are an effective way to grow your brand, no matter whether you’re a solopreneur, small-business owner, or agency owner.  But you don’t need to create feature-length documentaries to capture people’s attention with video marketing. Short-form videos are the new […]

The Essential Guide to Comment Management on Social Media

essential guide comment management on social media

It’s almost 2022 and social media is becoming the most interesting place for consumers to catch up, learn about new products and services, gain knowledge about the market, or spark engagement with a business about a potential product or service. Businesses, who are listening to the market, are utilizing social media marketing best practices to […]

How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency in 4 Steps

how to start a social media marketing agency

You are here because you want to start a social media marketing agency. That’s great!  Maybe you have been in the social media ad space or influencer marketing industry for years and you understand that social media channels are exploding with content marketing since the pandemic. It could be that you have worked for a […]

User-Generated Content: Must-Read Guide For Brands

user-generated content blog banner

Strategies, analytics, tools, and a whole lot of other stuff contribute to the success of a marketing effort. But the content marketing – that bridges the information gap between the brand and audience – remains the driving force of marketing success. At present, and in all probability for the foreseeable future, videos will remain the […]

How To Avoid Social Media Burnout While Growing Your Following: 7 Tips

Avoid social media burnout while growing your following

Working in marketing is exciting, but it can also be a time of high stress and even social media burnout. This is especially true when you are balancing running your business alongside promoting your services to new audiences.  Successfully (and quickly) growing a social media following can be difficult. Without a following, however, it can […]

A Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Showcase Pages

A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn, the place where professionals come to network, and business owners such as yourselves get a chance to connect with them. It presents the perfect opportunity to market your brand, doesn’t it? That’s where LinkedIn Showcase Pages come in, a place for you to showcase your initiative, brand, or flagship product to a specific audience. […]