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We are a Dedicated and Passionate Team

It starts with our support: we were the first platform to introduce live chat support covering 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We understand our solution is a mission critical and a must have for all our users.

Follows with our technology: residing on the best cloud infrastructure available today, being an official partner with all leading social media channels. eClincher adheres and complies with the most stringent security and regulatory requirements while keeping track of the latest technologies to make eClincher a trusted solution by tens of thousands of customers.

Why Us

Staying on top of social media is a huge challenge. On average, businesses spend 6-25 hours a week managing their social media presence. We built eClincher with the goal of simplifying social media marketing, while providing a complete and user-friendly solution to engage, monitor, and grow your audience on multiple social networks.

eClincher started in 2012 to allow solopreneurs and businesses to efficiently manage and track social media accounts with actionable analytics. Since then we grew and evolved our customer base and platform which offers today one of the most compelling solutions in the industry.

Check out some of our success stories.


–  Publishing and scheduling posts, smart calendar, draft posts management

–  Auto Posting with queues: an automated way to recycle and publish content without the need of scheduling

–  Auto Posting with RSS feeds: easily connect your blog page RSS and have your blogs automatically published to your social channels as soon as they get published on your website

–  Suggested Content: quickly discover fresh new content to share with your audiences

–  Create and share stunning images, videos and animated gifs (free media libraries)

–  Unified social inbox: never miss a message or a comment.. Manage all your conversations, comments, new followers, and notifications from one social inbox

–  Monitor, listen and engage with live social feeds and custom saved feeds

–  Social media analytics and reports helping you track and measure results of posts, tweets, mentions, social accounts, profiles, pages, and much more

–  Advanced Google analytics integration

–  Integrated with top social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogger

  • Integrated with leading 3rd party applications such as Google Analytics, Canva, Bitly, Zendesk CRM and more

–  Available: mobile app and Chrome extension

– Live chat support 24/7

eClincher  Explainer Video