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Wheeler Marketing Agency

I wanted to genuinely reach out and tell you personally how much my team and I LOVE eclincher! 🙌

Our previous tool, Agorapulse, was having serious glitches, plus they increased their pricing for us by 400%… So, we went on a 2-month testing spree of:

  • Later
  • Buffer
  • Loomly
  • Social Pilot
  • Sensible
  • Metricool
  • Cloud Campaign
  • Sprout Social
  • Vista Social
  • HeyOrcaContent StudioStatusbrew

The only tool that fit our needs was eclincher! 🙌

It beats out some of the most well-known social media management tools and then some.

I’m so grateful to have found a tool that has what any Social Media Marketing agency needs all in ONE place!

This isn’t a sales pitch or anything spammy like that – I just thought it would be nice to hear from a fellow business owner how flippin’ awesome your tool is. 👏


Cheers, 🥂

Danielle Wheeler
Founder & CEO Wheeler Marketing Agency (WMA)

Digible, Inc. Marketing Agency

Prior to eclincher, we were drafting content into spreadsheets and uploading content to our previous platform.

Not only was this time consuming, as we draft hundreds of social media posts for our clients in a given month, but also extra steps with uploading photos, and Canva designs. I love that eclincher provides our team and clients a much more visual review process of content, ability to comment and assign approvals.

The ability to pull stock images, Canva integration, social monitoring, reporting, and social content queues provide an overall efficient workflow and seamless review process.

Our clients are very pleased and we have received positive feedback on the platform.

We chose eclincher as it provides all the support and tools for drafting, reviewing, and optimizing social content.

Erica Hanger

Digible, Inc. Marketing Agency

Clear Path Social, Agency

In addition to running a dinner planning website, I also manage over 20 social media accounts for other companies as part of my social media businesses. In order to keep up with the activity on all of these accounts I need a single dashboard that I can use to post, respond to inquiries and followup in a timely manner.

There are quite a few platforms on the market that allow you to manage multiple social media accounts from one location, and I have tried most of them. I like to try different services not only to find the best ones to use for myself but also so I can provide an informed recommendation to my clients who manage their own social media accounts. I recently made the switch from a very well known platform to eclincher for three reasons. First of all, this platform meets my needs, secondly it’s much more cost effective to use, and thirdly I was astonished at how responsive the customer service support was from this company. In addition, I found their reports to be much more clear. My clients have appreciated the reporting I can provide them and I am learning more about effective posting times with the eclincher reports. As I’m using the tool, I discovered a lot of features which otherwise could only be found if I were using several tools.

What I find amazing is that this program is so reasonably priced. It is not only robust enough for someone like me who manages multiple platforms for a number of businesses but it would be a cost effective option for a person or
business who is only managing several accounts and doesn’t want to have to toggle back and forth between accounts to see if there are any posts to respond to. I’ve witnessed a number of upgrades and improvements in the time that I have been using eclincher and the communication I have had with them has shown me they are dedicated to listening to their customers and providing a great product.

eclincher is saving me time and money. I have also been able to eliminate the use of several other tools that I was previously using to manage my clients’ accounts. Also, I have learned more about my visitors’ behavior, the kind of posts they like, and the timing of posts that seem to resonate more with my followers.

Crystal Maleski


A quick review of eclincher website, feature set, and a chat made me sign up.

eclincher is the secret weapon in the arsenal of awesome toys. We use it a lot, and yet to scratch the surface of this amazing piece of software. Like all software – it’s never really done and the fact is, they keep adding more awesome features. eclincher is always open for feedback which is a testament to the culture of the company and why we are an eclincher evangelist.

It would be a mistake not to use eclincher as your social media management tool. If you are searching for the edge you’ve now found it.

Daniel Doherty

MerlinFX – Online Wizardry

Tegile Systems

Top 5 Reasons Why We Use eclincher:

It’s easy, yet powerful – Other distribution platforms have confusing interfaces that make you feel overwhelmed with options. eclincher is simple. I can teach an executive or intern how to use the basic features in under ten minutes.

We can post to many social profiles on multiple social platforms –We can post to the personal social media accounts of staff without logging into their account – staff likes that for privacy; our marketing team likes that for speed and accuracy.

We don’t have to monitor our social accounts constantly –We can log into eclincher, check our messages across multiple social accounts, upload new lists of messages, schedule the right time for them to publish, and go work on something else.

We can easily edit scheduled messages –When we need to change an image or text, w can jump into eclincher and make the change in under one minute. The simple interface on eclincher is extremely useful.

We can move mountains of messages with a small team –We can post to Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Blogger – all from eclincher. We can post to multiple profiles on each of those platforms – with our team of two people.

Mary Mac

Social media manager for flash sub-storage systems
Tegile Systems

Writers comma Ice Cream

Writers comma Ice Cream is a podcast series that wants to know how a writer becomes a Writer (emphasis on that capital “W”). A guest and I embark on a weekly mission to decode the craft armed only with a pair of microphones, a couple scoops of ice cream, and the surviving pages of my teenage scribbling. A grass roots (or desperate, take your pick) social media campaign was always part of our marketing plan, because websites are so 2005. Yet, for us, the website was critical because that’s where we stream our episodes.

So what’s it take to get that zippy social media traffic to the barren domains of the Internet?


These people know what they’re doing. Here are three ways they rocked our series.First, the design is clean and modern. It looks like it was designed specifically for our website. Second, eclincher offers more than just a customizable template, they offer an intelligent, automated, graphic artist. Seriously. Their social media management app creates headlines out of the opening lines of a post, varies the font size, and makes great use of any photos. Third, check out their reviews and there’s a paramount theme that emerges—customer service. They’re a company that truly cares about their customers and when I submitted a request they delivered a product update within days even though I was a mere basic-plan peon. They are THAT serious about keeping us happy.

Our quirky series, a bit like Serial meets Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, attracts new listeners daily and eclincher is a key enabler of our growth. What’s it take to be a writer? Still working on that. What’s it take to manage social media? That’s easy: eclincher.

Howard Gunston

Host & Creator
Writers comma Ice Cream

Leimkuehler Media – Social Media Coaching and Consulting

Leimkuehler Media works to educate, empower and train corporations and individuals on the best social media strategies and practices to elevate their marketing. Leimkuehler Media provides hands-on training in workshops, seminars and online courses. Our goal is to advise and support our clients by providing them with outstanding marketing techniques, tools and tactics while guiding them to implement a social media plan and process that is successful long term.

eclincher has been pivotal to the social media aspect of my business by making it more efficient. It has helped me run my clients social media accounts in an incredibly easy and productive manner. The analytics and data are priceless along with being able to schedule posts out multiple times on several channels. It’s beyond easy to use and takes care of managing all the accounts I have in one place while provide key data that helps me make strategic recommendations to my clients on how to best use social media.

Katie Leimkuehler

CEO of Leimkuehler Media, LLC

Cat in Lap, LLC

I wear many hats and eclincher keeps me on top of my social media marketing. Primarily, I work full time during the day blogging and marketing homes for a real estate team in the top 20% of teams in North America. I write a lot of green content that home buyers and sellers will find useful before and after buying a home. With eclincher, I can schedule this content to post over and over again to our major social media accounts. I can easily track which posts are most popular and adjust my strategies to provide more useful information for our followers. When posts become stale, I can then easily remove them and add new ones. When our followers interact with us, I’m able to check notifications and respond in one place, instead of having to go to each site or app. All of this put together creates a more efficient system that improves our authority and social relationships with current and future clients.

At night, I’m an author with a large Twitter following. eclincher allows me to extend my presence with scheduled posts, as well as easily monitor my accounts without cutting into my primary work. I’ve also been using it to handle smaller jobs with a local real estate school and nonprofit event.

Prior to eclincher, I was using another social media management tool. Since switching, I have seen my reach go up. Coincidence? Not likely. eclincher has been a vital part of my business plan.

Meghan Riley

Author, Blogger, and Social Media Marketer
Cat in Lap, LLC

The Original PoopBags makes eco-friendly dog waste bags, dispensers and other products related to the pet waste industry. PoopBags has been helping save the earth since 2003.

eclincher has been a great tool to use for our social media initiatives. We’re able to keep track of all of our posts in one place, share the best content, scheduled posts for when we’re away (vacations, trade shows, sales calls, etc) and much more. They just added some new features to create custom posts, pictures, charts, etc.

Paul D. Cannella

President and Founder

Saving the Earth since 2003

LMG Web Design

We provide website design, graphic design, social media, SEO and marketing expertise with a strong focus on delivering measurable results. Our most successful clients view us as a partner in their growth, because they know we are passionate about taking an integrated approach to helping them achieve their business goals.

eclincher has helped us succeed by providing an essential tool in getting organized and achieve great results on social media. eclincher has helped with organizing multiple accounts easily, Improved efficiency, and provided essential tools like an rss feed, Canva integration, and ability to schedule posts on multiple dates. It is an essential tool for our business that we continue to use, which has definitely helped our company grow.

Limarys Rodriguez


We help build websites that help build your business

Hot Dog Collars

Our mission is to help you personalize your pet! With over 27,000 SKUs and growing fast, we have one of the worlds largest selections of collars, ID Tags, leashes, harnesses, and licensed sport pet products. Including our popular lineup of personalized custom ID dog collars.

Using eclincher in our business – With over 100,000 Facebook fans, 12,000 Twitter followers and rapidly growing destination pages on Instagram and Pinterest, maintaining consistency and quality in with social media content presents a major challenge. eclincher allows us to focus on developing the best content as opposed to the daily administration and distribution. We can schedule, test, and optimize and leave all the dirty work to eclincher.

Todd Handler