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Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is definitely a big part of social media strategy. 

eClincher tool allows you to engage with your audience, followers, users, and leads across all your social media accounts. 

Easily accomplish all your social media activities such as: like, follow, comment, reply to a question, accepting new connections, etc.

Live Social Feeds: Access all the feeds from your different social networks. View and share posts, engage with followers and make new connections. Social Feeds are fully customizable, so you can reorder and/or remove feeds based on your needs.

Live social feeds, engagement and monitoring

Favorite Feeds: Add your most important social feeds to your Favorite feeds for easy access. Instead of navigating one by one view them all together in your Favorite Feeds view. This area is fully customizable to ensure ease of use and productivity. To add a feed to your favorites, simply click on the star located in the top right corner of the feed.








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