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Trusted by tens of thousands businesses and marketing agencies around the world. e-clincher provides a simple and efficient way to manage all your social media accounts in one platform. Offering tools like: publishing and scheduling posts, managing social media conversations and interactions with one inbox, auto publishing with smart queues, monitoring keywords, suggested content, and advanced analytics reporting. Integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Analytics, Canva, Zendesk, and much more. 

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Execute your online strategy, from posts to results

Plan, Draft, Manage & Post

Want to get ahead of the game while improving efficiency? 

Plan your publishing strategy and oversee all posts from one location. Organize posts across brands, profiles and campaigns using a real-time visual calendar. Create drafts, collaborate, refine and control your posts and schedules.

  • Visual calendar
  • Smart publisher
  • Workflow management & team collaboration
Publishing & scheduling to social media
Social media inbox

Stay Engaged With All-In-One Inbox

Dreaming of bringing all conversations into one place and delivering
exceptional customer experiences?

Actively reach and influence the conversations around your brand – all in real-time. Monitor and follow the engagement users have with your brands  across all your major social channels and engage fast.

  • All-in-one inbox (all channels, all message types)
  • Monitoring
  • Team collaboration

Real Time Listening. Be In The Know

Tired of manually picking up different information from forums and blogs?

Get ahead of your competition and empower yourself by receiving everything you need to know under one umbrella. Understand what is trending, what conversations your audience is having, filter by keywords, hashtags and location, follow the sentiment and take action. 

  • Content feeds
  • All-in-one social inbox (all channels, all message types)
  • Search by keywords, hashtags, most trending, influencers
  • Mention / sentiment
Social media monitoring and listening feeds
Content curation tool

Content Is King. Lead The Way

Need a friend to get your mojo going?

Leverage  e-clincher Content Curation and RSS feeds to discover or create your own on-brand content and best schedules (time to post). Tap into free image and video libraries with powerful editing tools. 

  • Content curation capabilities
  • Free media libraries (video, images, gifs, emoji)
  • Advanced editing tools (Canva, Wave Video)

Analyze And Tap Into Insights

Hate driving in the dark?

Get clear insights of your social media performance, view all your brands and profiles, create and export ready made or custom reports, see how you perform against your competitors, get recommendations to grow reach, engagement & sales.

  • Actionable dashboard with key insights
  • Custom and ready made reports
  • Competitor’s report
Social media analytics tools
social media collaboration tools

Have Fun. Collaborate

Value customer experience and teamwork?

Set permissions per brand and function and limit visibility from restricted parties. Collaborate with both internal and external (client) teams, set the approval workflow with notifications and reminders and work together on content and schedules all from one place. 

  • Roles and permissions
  • Workflows and process management (inbox, drafts, posts, schedules)
  • Comments, notifications, red flags

Customers love us

G2 Crowd periodically awards badges – evaluation is based on actual customer reviews. See how customers feel about our solution.

e-clincher is a leader in Social Media Suites on G2
e-clincher is a leader in Mid-Market Social Media Suites on G2
e-clincher is a leader in Enterprise Social Media Monitoring on G2
e-clincher is a leader in Small-Business Social Media Monitoring on G2
e-clincher is a leader in Social Media Analytics on G2
e-clincher is a leader in Enterprise Social Media Suites on G2
e-clincher is a leader in Small-Business Social Media Management on G2
e-clincher is a leader in Small-Business Social Media Suites on G2
e-clincher is a leader in Social Media Monitoring on G2
e-clincher is a leader in Small-Business Social Media Monitoring on G2

Customer testimonials

e-clincher is a lynchpin in our ability to provide a great service to our clients. Both myself and my creative director use it on a daily basis in order to schedule content, monitor competitor content and keywords, and produce reports. As an organisation it enables us to be hugely productive and it…

Adeline Garman,  Social Overload

Adeline Garman
Adeline Garman

“We have been using e-clincher for around 4 years now. I can safely say it’s the best platform we have ever used and is now the only platform we have used since around 2017 with all our activity migrated over to e-clincher. There are no hidden surprises, only issues related to the native social networks making changes. The team at e-clincher is very quick to adapt and make the necessary changes to support API changes”

Jeremy Singer, CVM Digital
Jeremy Singer, CVM Digital

This platform is the best we’ve used (and we’ve used a few). We use e-clincher to schedule posts and reply to messages on various social platforms. The reporting is wonderful! Easy to generate and easy for clients to read. The fact that they listen to our requests and work to make them happen lets me know that they are committed to their customers. We couldn’t be happier with the platform.

Soraya McKay, Vice President, Little Dog Advertising Agency

Soraya McKay
Soraya McKay

“We live in a world where we need to wear many hats and juggle many aspects of the business. How do we accomplish this? I’m running 49 properties across the country in different time zones with multiple social media profiles each. e-clincher made this seamless by creating “brands” for each. It is so easy to use, integrates with my design tools, suggests relative content I can schedule on the fly, and has allowed my company to be nimble with an inbox that literally funnels likes, mentions, reviews, comments, PMs, and DMs in one place across social media platforms. ”

Jenn Guidry, Hunt Military Communities
Jenn Guidry, Hunt Military Communities

Featured In

eClincher solves social media marketing challenges

“However, it’s not all these features that makes e-clincher special.  It’s their Unified Social Inbox and their Auto Posting Queues that makes their social media management tool… SEXY!

“Instead, imagine being able to run your Ferrari by recycling your BEST performing content, so that your engine doesn’t even need gas AND actually starts performing better! That’s what e-clincher does with your social media accounts… it allows you to run your social accounts like a high-performance vehicle using evergreen social solar power! ” …read the full article.

Eric E-Rock Christopher, The Huffington Post

Huffington post logo

Aptgadget recommendation and product review

“If you’re looking for a tool that is designed with the user in mind then definitely try out e-clincher. This social media productivity platform makes the overwhelming process of managing a few to a hundred social media accounts much easier.”

Social Media Hectic: No More!

“e-clincher is just the all around, one man army and Swiss Knife every social media manager or owner loves. There is simply nothing it can not do! ” …read the full product review.

Fred Shirvan, Aptgadget

Aptgadget recommends eClincher, social media management tool

Hosting Advice recommendation and product review

“e-clincher is an advanced social media management platform boasting advanced publishing, analytics, and collaboration tools designed for brands and agencies alike. The company is on a mission to support customers through their entire campaign life cycles with appropriate features for each step of the way backed by 24/7 support. With plans to move beyond current offerings to capture sentiment and other engagement metrics, e-clincher is poised for yet another decade of success.”

The all-in-one solution provides everything users need to engage, monitor, and grow their audiences on social networks quickly and easily.” …read the full product review.

Christine Preusler, Hosting Advice


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