10 Advanced Linkedin for B2B Marketing Strategies

10 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies to implement in Your B2B Marketing
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For the longest time, LinkedIn felt like one of those accounts everyone had but no one used. 

Since an inauspicious beginning, however, Linkedin Marketing has catapulted forward by leaps and bounds.

For while social media platforms, in general, aren’t pulling their weight as lead generators, LinkedIn is the exception.  

Unlike the others, it is predominantly used by professionals. 

And it’s now one of the fast-growing networks around. 

The only social media platform more popular among B2B marketers than LinkedIn is Facebook.

With a conversion rate ecommerce professionals regard as promising if you do your marketing right, for one thing, LinkedIn presents plenty of opportunities.

Joined a LinkedIn group? Read a LinkedIn article lately? Been invited to a LinkedIn Live event? Checked out a LinkedIn company page or a showcase page? Or a LinkedIn user who emailed you out of the blue?

B2B marketers have been taking notice and realize a LinkedIn marketing strategy is key.

In terms of both the users and business-friendly features the platform now boasts, it’s been quite a trajectory from also-ran to huge growth.  

Marketers now have more traction to increase their ROI and a range of LinkedIn strategies to ponder. 

It’s becoming clear, then, that LinkedIn marketing is all but essential for B2B marketers. 

In this article, we’ll share ten advanced LinkedIn strategies for your marketing efforts that could help you win more leads. 

Let’s dig in.

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1.Encourage your sales team to build a strong presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful platform to reach out and make connections. And the trend towards virtual selling means the platform is brimming with opportunities to speak to the concerns of your potential customers. 

Sales teams are a big part of B2B LinkedIn strategies now.

So encourage your sales professionals to use LinkedIn as part of your strategy for virtual selling.

Thanks to modern technology that eliminates the need for in-person presence, companies can seamlessly manage a remote sales team, keep distributed teams well supported, deliver great customer service and bring in new business all at once. 

Empathy is the key to forging meaningful connections with customers. And with the right technology stack, companies can adapt their sales techniques to use LinkedIn in their remote selling, using face-to-face communication tools to pick up on the subtle cues that foster trust. And, internally, they can ensure everyone is able to access real-time data and collaborate to share wins and challenges. 

Start off with the ‘leads that follow your company tab’ – people who already know who you are – and begin to drive winning outreach.

LinkedIn can be a valuable part of your sales approach and, with the ‘who viewed your profile’ feature, you can reach out to people who stop by your profile to start conversions. Adopt a relationship-driven approach and listen to their pain points to generate leads organically. 

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2.Give ads a try in one of your LinkedIn strategies

LinkedIn Ads are an advanced strategy for your B2B efforts – one that you can leverage once you’ve established your credibility and built your brand.

The key to LinkedIn Ads campaigns is the ability to target a qualified audience. 

These will be the professionals who make decisions about purchasing your products and services. 

Once you’ve nailed your content and have fostered good engagement on your page, you can begin to reach out to your audience based on professional attributes such as job role, skills, industry, company name. 

  • Sponsored Content is native advertising on LinkedIn.
  • Sponsored InMail allows you to use the private messaging system to reach your target audience directly with customized messages. 
  • Text Ads as an ad format enables you to promote offers or drive leads with short text that appears at the top of your potential clients’ feeds. 
  • And LinkedIn Video Ads are the most powerful format and play automatically on users’ feeds to get eyeballs on your content. 
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3.Publish valuable content 

The best part about using LinkedIn is that its features are ready and easy to use. Instead of sharing an external link on a LinkedIn post, just avail yourself of LinkedIn Articles to publish your content.

Share memorable and meaningful stories of customer success or create high-quality blog posts – a guide on CRM implementation in small businesses, for example. These will signal your expertise and establish your authority as a peer of other thought leaders. You can share any articles that bring value to your audience, and it helps you beef up your company profile overall. Be sure to read out guide on crm software meaning to learn more!

Use LinkedIn to share emails, social media posts, testimonials, or virtual demos that are useful for your existing relationships and allow you to form new ones. Mix things up and maintain a good variety of content to keep people interested and engaged and steer more potential clients into the sales funnel. 

Pro tip: A good trick is working out a well-balanced posting schedule – setting a cadence – to speak to the concerns of your followers consistently and stay top-of-mind within your network

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4.Create videos and rich media

In B2B marketing, winning the trust of potential customers is half the battle. And LinkedIn allows you to showcase a variety of engaging content. 

You can’t skip LinkedIn strategies like video marketing.

You can attract prospective leads by using images, documents, and video content on your profile and business page. 

Text posts do excellent on LinkedIn as they encourage people to stay on the platform. But you already know that videos are engaging content that’s going gangbusters everywhere. 

So you can interactively accentuate your expertise in a video and share your production to give your lead generation a healthy boost. 

It goes without saying that video content gets way more engagement than other kinds and it’s one way of increasing LinkedIn engagement

You can attach premade content to your LinkedIn profile to enhance it. But native video is best. 

Upload videos directly to LinkedIn because they’re more likely to get noticed. Keep them concise (under 90 seconds) to drive the most engagement. Include subtitles because they grab people’s attention. 

5.The company page to website page pipeline

There are a few basic steps to optimize your company page to generate LinkedIn leads. LinkedIn strategies aside, every business should be breathing this next step.

Grab attention with a striking header image, perhaps advertising an offer or freebie. Pitch your target audience in your company description. And use inviting, clear copy that draws prospects in with a hook. 

Include the essentials, be it products & services or career opportunities. And any content that looks professional and helps you connect with your audience.

You’re transforming the dowdy career networking platform of yore into a place for promoting awareness of your brand.

LinkedIn allows you to add CTAs to your page to motivate users to engage with your offering. These are invaluable in generating hot leads. Be clear and concise and preferably spark excitement and give persuasive reasons about the tangible benefits of clicking. 

Once you nailed all that, the only thing left is to make sure your call center team is ready to pick up the leads that come through. Well-crafted CTAs will drive engagement so consider implementing a contact center WFM (workforce management) solution to ease the transition between sales and marketing. 

6.Retarget your website visitors

Unless you get active and stay present in your approach to LinkedIn strategies, you’re most likely leaving a lot of value on the table. 

Your website analytics never lie. 

Fortunately, those looking to step up and retarget their website visitors are in luck because LinkedIn allows you to track visitors and follow up with paid campaigns. 

But be sure to align your remarketing content with their interactions with your site. 

The best bit about this is having advanced retargeting to filter your search and narrow down the people you’re trying to find. 

Your sales team can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build lists of your previous clients and target audience (companies, geographies) to empower their prospecting. 

It allows them to connect with the right people who are receptive to your stories and clear, engaging messaging. 

Once you have, you can employ personalization – a la the industry giants with their personalized recommendations online – to hit up decision-makers in your target companies and industries. 

Pro tip: share customized lists with colleagues and teams to truly broaden your reach

7.Leverage LinkedIn for affiliate marketing

When you’re considering LinkedIn strategies for lead gen, affiliate marketing might not be top of mind.

These may seem like unlikely bedfellows, given the relative popularity of other social platforms such as TikTok. But there are good reasons to not sleep on LinkedIn as a platform for affiliate marketing. The first is that it actually more than competes with other social media platforms in terms of user base, with more active users than Twitter. 

Next, consider who its users are. Home to 63 million decision-makers, LinkedIn is accurately touted as ‘the world’s largest professional network’. And these are typically high earners with decision-making clout. 

Affiliate marketing is about making connections and leveraging them to sell your products & services, with your affiliate earning a commission on the referrals. 

LinkedIn affords a wealth of opportunities to reach out to contacts and then for marketers to create content that includes their links. 

However, it’s best approached as an element of your inbound marketing: Share your high-quality content on your own site incorporating relevant affiliate links and post it on your network. Do affiliate marketing on LinkedIn from your personal profile that you have built to see considerably more engagement than from your company page. 

Pro tip: Conduct A/B tests to improve your affiliate program or hone in on the best methods for your business. That way, you ensure campaigns are an effective use of resources and reach your ideal customers.

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8.Make the most of community features

Another way you can use LinkedIn in your marketing strategy is through the community features that make it easy to communicate with other users and potential clients, and otherwise expand your network.

You can join groups relevant to your industry and interests to keep your ear to the ground and stay on top of the latest dispatches from leading firms and voices in your field. 

Looking for individual leads on LinkedIn entails getting granular. For that reason, it’s so much easier to search for groups in your niche and gain leads in bunches. 

And why not start your own groups to further your networking? 

When you create groups and do so authoritatively, you can enjoy recognition as the moderator of the space where your desired audience can hang out and connect. LinkedIn is a great platform for sharing valuable content and insights with your potential clients. Plus, you can use a social media manager software like eclincher to make things easy!

Would you consider utilizing this as one of your LinkedIn strategies?

Pro tip: When you’re positioning yourself as an owner of a group, avoid being salesy. Be sincere and empathetic instead. 

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9.Embrace influencers 

Today, marketers understand that influencers can be just as powerful as traditional celebrities, if not more, with one recent study showing that 48% ran influencer campaigns.

The B2B industry is no different and this is one of the LinkedIn Strategies you need to learn more about. 

For quite a while, employees have been turning into the new influencers that help businesses grow. Customers have never been more primed to appreciate and trust relatable content. And the customer is always right. Connecting directly with key influencers on LinkedIn is a reliable way of expanding your own influence. 

They can usually be found discussing the latest trends and industry news. Comment on their posts, add value in discussions, and try to get noticed in the discourse. 

Companies are also using their most knowledgeable and personable employees as micro-influencers – brand advocates who talk about their message and mission.

And your employees can help you access a wider audience and develop word-of-mouth buzz about your success stories through shares in their personal social media profiles. Tap into your employees’ authentic voices as your true believers to elevate your brand and maximize your reach. 

Because here’s the thing:

Brand messages amplified by employee shares go that much further and see more engagement than traditional channels.

Of course, you still need to have the goods. Which means great products and interesting content worth sharing. 

The good news when you’re trying to foster engagement with your posts like this is that LinkedIn has a feature that notifies employees of a new post on the company page. 

Employees get wind of posts soon enough to engage, which allows you to hack the algorithm. 

If you’re wondering how the LinkedIn algorithm works, it measures the quality of your content by engagement then ranks it accordingly. 

On a related note, you can also supercharge customer interaction by encouraging brand advocacy amongst your customers. Harness the power of reviews in attracting more customers by considering a referral program to reward those loyal brand advocates who did you a solid with an honest review.

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10.Host virtual events with thought leaders

LinkedIn strategies are plenty. With remote environments here to stay it seems, LinkedIn is bringing together LinkedIn Live and Events to simplify and improve the experience of virtual events.

So stay tuned for those changes. 

With these features, roughly speaking, you can connect with your professional community in real-time in a safe environment. 

Promote your event with a landing page beforehand to build excitement. And new events can be shared on your page, and relevant followers notified so you can pull the right crowd. 

And you can interact with attendees in the comments during the live stream and display the event highlights on your profile afterward. 

Live sessions, interviews, and webinars with speakers in your industry that attract attendees and advertise your expertise will earn your brand clout. 

What’s more, it’ll increase your chances of collecting leads from your specially cultivated audience. 

Pro tip: Live video can be insanely good at driving engagement – evidenced in the latest social media marketing trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LinkedIn good for B2B marketing?

LinkedIn can be a great tool for B2B marketing, but it’s important to use it in the right way. LinkedIn is a social network that is geared towards professionals, so it’s a great place to connect with potential customers and partners.

How do you use LinkedIn for marketing B2B?

1. Perfect your Company Page. Fill out all the details, including a keyword-rich description of your company and products, and add photos and videos to help showcase what you do.

2. Make content that is relevant to your target audience. Supplement your website content with blog posts, infographics, SlideShares, and articles that will help potential customers learn more about you and what you have to offer.

3. Run LinkedIn ads targeting key decision makers at companies who could benefit from what you do.

Is LinkedIn better for B2B or B2C?

LinkedIn is better for B2B because it allows companies to connect with other businesses more easily. It’s a great platform for exchanging information, building relationships, and finding business partners. LinkedIn also offers a number of features that are specific to B2B marketing, such as lead generation tools, sponsored updates, and targeted ads.

What percentage of B2B leads come from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great source of leads for B2B companies. Studies have shown that LinkedIn is the source of approximately 80% of B2B leads. That’s because LinkedIn has a large pool of professionals who are actively looking for business opportunities.

Rounding up

If we had to sum up what a company’s LinkedIn marketing strategy has in common with other successful companies, you probably know the generic advice.

Quality content, not raw clout, is your true north. 

Follow the ten LinkedIn strategies we’ve outlined above to thrive on this powerful platform. 

We believe in these LinkedIn tips to generate more leads for your business and hat tips for your brand. 

Tell us what you think?

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