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10 Reasons to Use Images in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content MarketingEric Schmidt’s quote shows that we now live in a world full of new content. More content than any person could possibly consume. So, how can a business draw attention to their content? One of the simplest ways is to add images!

The rise of social networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat show that the popularity of images is growing. With this said, far too many businesses are not utilizing images enough. In the past creating high quality images was very expensive. This caused many small businesses to shy away from using them on a daily basis. Free photo editing tools available today help even the most amateur photographers create stunning images. If your business is not using images, start now! Not convinced? Below are 10 simple reasons why images strengthen your content.

Boost Social Engagement1. Posts with images receive higher engagement than posts without

2. Skimming has become the new way to read

3. Images break up blocks of text, making your written content seem shorter and easier to consume

4. Images grab readers attention in a busy news feed

5. Images convey some messages better than text

6. Images are processed by the brain much faster than text-based content
Images Processed Faster

7. Images affect emotions far more than text

8. Images are shared and effective on almost all social networks

9. Images can show off your product without being over promotional

10. Creating eye popping images is becoming easier and cheaper (All images used in this post were created on Canva for free!)

Interested in learning more about Canva? Check out out How We Use Canva To Drive Engagement.

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