5 Ways to Win on Promoting Your Brand Content

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Creating content that provides value to your target audience is challenging enough. You need to detect your audience’s pain points, determine the best format for communicating your message, and then have someone experienced and skillful (if not yourself) to produce it. However, things don’t stop there. If your content doesn’t reach your audience but collects dust on your website or blog instead, then what’s the point? You need to be promoting your brand content to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

Let’s take a minute of your time to present to you the top five best practices in promoting your brand content.

Why consider using these brand content promotion tactics? Because you need to be proactive with promotion if you want your content to drive marketing goals and serve its purpose.

5 Tips for Promoting Your Brand Content

1. Connect on Social Media for Promoting Brand Content

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Social networks are overcrowded, so you can’t only share your content out there and hope that interested people will see it. You need to target them directly to improve your content’s visibility.

For example, you can use a social media management tool like eClincher to find those who are promoting brand content similar to yours. Just take a content-related hashtag or a keyword from the content, type it in, and start tracking.

Then, you’ll get a list of the most popular content related to those keywords or hashtags. Check out who are the sharers, and target them with your content.

Also, you should target niche influencers with enough followers that have a high reply and retweet ration. They are most likely to engage with your messages. You can also use the @mention feature to ask influencers and followers for opinions on your content.

2. Engage With the Right Community

With a useful social media marketing tool, you can quickly engage with various online communities from one dashboard. By joining your niche’s conversation, you can get noticed, establish yourself as an industry expert, and give your content more reach.

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For example, you can begin with LinkedIn Groups and Facebook pages to target your niche audience. Join those groups where your brand content is relevant. Join the conversation, provide helpful advice, and then suggest your content (naturally) as a source of pertinent information.

There are also online communities and Q&A sites, like Quora, where you can answer people’s questions by suggesting your content as a resource.

3. Pay for Promotion

Consider going for a paid promotion method to help your content get more reach across different platforms. You can pay by the number of impressions or per click, and these methods can make a significant impact (compared to traditional direct marketing tactics.)

Facebook and LinkedIn make it possible to create targeted ads based on location, demographics, interests, job roles, and other specific categories. You can take advantage of these features if you know your audience well.

Also, Twitter allows users to promote individual tweets. That’s an excellent way to join the social conversation and get your message in front of the right people.

The purpose of paid content promotion is to encourage people to engage with your content. You want them to comment on it and share it on their feeds. Ask your followers to let you know what they think about it or to go and check it out.

4. Leverage the Power of Email Marketing


One of the main benefits of email marketing is to promote your brand content. To do it, you’ll need to build a mailing list in which you’ll include your followers, customers, and potential prospects, as well as industry peers and experts.

By emailing them, you’ll get a chance to highlight your work – your most recent and your best content. For example, you’ve published a blog post or a long-form article based on some of your original research, although you have not had any traffic on it yet. With email marketing, you can drive your first few hundred reads or views.

If people find your content relevant and enjoy it, they’ll share it further (as people love to share on social media for various reasons). Emails are instant and cheap, which makes email marketing a tremendous initial promotion step.

5. Conduct Manual Influencer Outreach

There are many tools you could use to automate the process of finding and contacting influencers for a partnership. However, you shouldn’t rely on these tools entirely. It’s a better practice to use them for the initial search for influencers in an industry.

Then, conduct manual research through Google and with your connections. You shouldn’t automate the outreach to influencers, but keep it personalized because it’s much more effective. It may be time-consuming and require some forethought, but it allows you to reach out in a way that helps you foster meaningful influencer relationships.

A trustful and friendly influencer is the one that will significantly help you by promoting brand content to their followers and peers.


A marketer should never over-rely on any system of automation. However, without a good social media management system, keeping track of all the hashtags, keywords, and mentions manually would be…literally impossible.

The eClincher tool is a unified social media management software that enables you to stay on top of all your social conversations as well as to curate content by discovering new material. Ultimately, you can use it to analyze your promotion results and create customized reports of your social media campaigns.

There is no universal and proven formula for promoting brand content. The combination of tactics every enterprise uses varies drastically.  Implement some of the above tactics, find out what works for your company, and take things further by experimenting. That way, you’ll find your unique formula for driving the results you’re seeking.

For a content marketing strategy to succeed, you should look to increase your promotion efforts. Creating valuable and engaging content is a big part of your marketing efforts. However, companies often overlook content promotion that could make their material more effective and best yet, go viral.

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