7 Ways To Connect With and Target Millennials

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Every brand wants to target Millennials. No wonder why, as they’re the largest living generation today. People between the 1980s and mid-1990s are today’s most potent buying force, counting more than 75.4 million people (Pew Research). By 2036, the number is expected to reach 21.1 million as a result of immigration. Anyhow, brands are giving their best to target Millennials and appeal to their specific and trying to understand what do millennials like?

However, Millennials don’t respond to traditional marketing tactics. Here, you can read some great tips on how to effectively reach out and engage with your Millennial audience.

Brands who manage to appeal to values of the Millennial audience significantly increase their chances to win them over. Their buying habits tend to prioritize social identity and memorable experiences. They embrace and align with brands with a clear purpose of making a difference and doing good in the world. If you’re somehow giving back to the community, Millennials are likely to use their buying power to support your values.

How to Target Millennials and Truly Connect With Them

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1. Inspire Their Creativity with User-Generated Content

Millennials like when they are recognized by their favorite brand as well as when they get a chance to contribute. They like seeing themselves in the same media they consume. Thus, you should focus on user-generated content (UGC) to help tell your brand story. Create a branded hashtag and prompt them use it when posting content related to your brand. That will allow you to discover the content and use it in your promotion across different channels. Your brand message will go far when your consumers can relate to the material authentically. Recognize them and allow them to add to the conversation and story. That way, you’ll manage to reach Millennials, and get their expertise and attention.

2. Listen

Before the digital age, marketers had to send out surveys to learn what their consumers think. Today, Millennials love to share their opinions and speak about what they like or hate. All you have to do is listen and gather the information. This technique is called social listening, and it allows you to discover if they buy specific products and why they buy them. You can use those insights to push out products or services that represent them. Ask them if the products can improve in any way, how they want you to communicate with them, and where your next event should be. Listen to your customers and drive your decision-making to align with their social identity and needs. That will make them feel like they’ve contributed to something bigger..

3. Respond Instantly

The images, the videos, the content, and the message – everything needs to be transparent and authentic. In other words, it must be real. Otherwise, Millennials will notice how pushy and salesy you are in creating content that only aims to seduce and sell to them. It won’t take them much to skip it or mark your offers as irrelevant. And to know what kind of content and message resonates with them, you need to find out yourself. There is no universal formula..

Your Millennial customers will frequently reach out to you and ask questions. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter – they will expect you to respond instantly (or within 24 hours.) With a big enough team of people or a unified social inbox, you’ll ensure that your audience always gets their answers.

4. Sell Your Purpose (Not Your Products)

Unlike their parents, who only want to know the benefits of a product, Millennials want more. What is your brand’s purpose? What kind of change are you bringing forth? Deliver the solutions but lead with your mission. Add a charitable element to your brand because it can’t be a side conversation anymore.

5. Optimize for Social Media

When it comes to the Millennial generation, social media is of utmost importance. To target Millennials, use and optimize social channels because they drive the most traffic back to brands. Aim to create captivating images and short videos that capture their attention in the first 10 seconds. Add captions, and keep it brief, concise, and on point.

6. Be Authentic and Transparent

Millennials are tech-savvy and can access any information they need in seconds. They are also continually bombard them with various marketing messages. Thus, it is vital to meet them where they are and cut through the noise. Transparency is crucial, so be honest and real when trying to market to your Millennial consumers.

7. Get Help from Influencers

Millennials purchasing decisions are much affected by their peers as well as influencers. When marketing to this group, you should prioritize influencer marketing campaigns. Namely, Millennials prefer the personal and raw nature of social channels that their favorite influencers use. They can also relate to their authentic feeling much more relaxed.

If you get an influencer to promote your brand, the audience won’t have the feeling like they see an ad. If done the right way, it will seem more like a friend recommending a product or service. When choosing an influencer for your brand, you should select one from your niche. Also, he or she needs to have a tone, or voice that’s appropriate for your brand. Otherwise, the promotion will feel forced, and both you and your influencer risk losing online credibility.


Unified social inbox? Social listening? Discovering user-generated content? Tracking mentions and hashtags? With eClincher, you can operate your entire social media marketing campaign from a unified dashboard. We want to emphasize the importance of Social Inbox, as it is the most important tool for interacting with Millennials, as they require instant responses. Try it to see how beneficial it is when it comes to creating, sharing, and promoting your content. Boost your online presence, get your line of products in front of the eyes of Millennials, and watch your business and bottom line grow. To reach Millennials in today’s digital age, this kind of all-in-one marketing tools can be of enormous value to your brand.

Traditional marketing methods simply don’t work when you want to target Millennials.  However, once you understand them and get their loyalty, they will start responding to your brand with passion. Their word of mouth will get you even further as you may have thought.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to target Millennials?

The best way to target Millennials is through digital platforms and social media, leveraging engaging content and personalized experiences to capture their attention.

What Is most important to Millennials?

Authenticity and purpose are most important to Millennials, as they value brands that align with their values and make a positive impact on society.

Is it profitable to target Millennials?

Targeting Millennials can be profitable, as they represent a significant consumer segment with increasing purchasing power, but it requires understanding their preferences, values, and effectively addressing their needs to maximize success.

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