9 New Ways To Boost Your Social Media Productivity With eClincher

Live Calendar: The entire Publishing tab got a lot smarter in the last month. Your calendar will now automatically sort based on which account(s) you select to publish to. Also, the day preview will now automatically change when you select different dates to schedule for.

Social Media Scheduler

Agency Plan:We created a plan specifically for social media agencies. Keep all your different brands separated within the same account. Navigate between brands with a click!

Social Media Agency

Twitter Retweet With A Comment: Twitter came out with game-changing feature, retweet with a comment. You can now view what others have commented and retweet with a comment directly from eClincher.

Retweet with a comment

Watch a short video on how to retweet with a comment.

Inbox Tags: Keep track of all your inbox items with Tags. Create as many different Tags as you want and use them to categorize your Inbox items.

Unified Social Inbox

Example: Create a tag for items that require follow up, so you can easily remember to follow up with them at the appropriate time.

Filter Inbox Notifications: Now you have even more control over your inbox! Easily choose which accounts and notifications you want to see.Social Media Inbox

Canva Integration: We partnered with Canva to help you create images for all your social media posts. Create high quality, custom images directly from your publisher by clicking on the Canva button in your publisher and choosing a pre-sized template.


More information on our Partnership with Canva

Improved Engagement: We added a new button to the social feeds that will help you to engage more. Actions like viewing a user’s profile or sharing a post are available in this drop-down. We will continue to add more great actions to this drop-down in the near future.

Twitter marketing

Twitter Mentions Graph: Track how often you are mentioned on Twitter with an easy to follow trend graph.

Twitter Mentions Analytics

Google+ My Posts Feed: We added a dedicated feed for your Google+ Page posts, so you can easily check to see how they are doing.

Google+ marketing

What new features would you like us to add? Let us know in the comments section. Also, if you have any questions about any of the new features, feel free to contact us!

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