9 Ways to Get More ROI From Your Video Marketing in 2021

9 ways to get more roi from your video marketing
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86% of marketers like you say that videos have increased traffic to their website tremendously. It’s not a secret how using the power of video marketing in your business model can generate many benefits.

But it’s easy to ignore the facts and the standard tactics which can result in the growth we are striving for in our businesses.

Video marketing ROI is a hot topic for marketers. With the video marketing industry evolving so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up on all of the newest trends and best practices. This is because video marketing ROI can be difficult to measure and tricky to optimize. And when you are trying to build your video marketing strategy around your business goals, you might feel overwhelmed by too many choices and not enough time or resources to do everything that needs to get done.

Today, we have compiled a list of nine methods to get more ROI from video marketing for you marketing champions to look at and stay up to date with the marketing trends of 2021.

#1 Teasers in Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC Ads)

video marketing ppc ads illustration

Teasers are the pleasers.

Static image banners are a thing of the past. We are living in an era of video ads. To make your PPCs more exciting and engaging, use teasers. 

Teasers are concise videos that provide enough information to grab attention and leave viewers curious about your service or product. You can use a headline analyzer like this one and create engaging openers for your ads. 

As much as we hate to be teased, we, as consumers, love teasers.

We always want more. Once you get your targeted audience hooked to your ad, you can give away the entire video as a reward. Learn more about teaser video marketing here.

This trick has been used in the entertainment sectors for decades! Whenever a film is about to get released, producers broadcast its teasers to captivate people.

By doing so, they create a fan following even before that is released.

78% of marketers who benefited from increased click-through rates by using teasers can’t be wrong!

#2 Have an SEO Video Marketing Strategy (or go home)

whatastory seo illustration video marketing

Do you make the same mistake many marketers still make in 2021?


Many marketers fail to maintain quality checks on their SEO planners.

Once you understand the current trends following the niche of your services, you need people in your team to analyze that data and produce the “content of demand.”

“Content of demand” basically incorporates the keywords your target audience is searching for on their favorite search engines.

You would also need your company’s branding team to work closely with the video production team to create the content that would sell your products.

A catchy title followed by a description that emphasizes your video with the right keywords would keep the hold on the viewers and help them convert to your potential clients.

This method helps your viewers get more from your videos and helps search engines of YouTube and other platforms to sort your content in the “high-quality” and “viral” category.

You can download this SEO Strategy template if you don’t have one already and include a fail-proof plan for your video marketing into it.

#3 The “Giveaway” Video Marketing Model

giveaway video marketing model illustration

As video marketers, our prime goal should be to get that video to people who deserve it and need it. However corny this may sound, it works wonders if you’re in a business where videos drive a large percentage of your user base.

And let’s be practical, content marketing video can drive a plentiful of people to you regardless of what type of service or product you sell.

When you give away education and knowledge in your videos, viewers seeking that kind of knowledge would be able to reach you with a healthy mindset for your business.

They might share your videos in their network (as a bonus), which will probably comprise people like them.

How-to videos help build your brand and trust among your possible clientele as well. Your efforts would not go unappreciated. This is one of the best passive methods to drive ROI in the long term.

Once you start to build loyalty among your viewers, you will automatically gain prospective clients as well. 

#4 Build trust and brand value with testimonial video marketing

testimonial video illustration

Leads do not mean potential customers. It is easy to make the mistake of categorizing them in the same cell of an excel sheet. Most of the people who would come to your landing page (or anywhere you want them to be) would leave almost instantly. Bounce rate directly affects the ROI of your ads or videos.

Build a welcoming page that makes it harder for them to leave. A happy face describing your business or product (service) in a short video tagged on your page might improve the conversion rate (and hence the ROI) drastically.

You can ask your present or former clients to record a short video describing their satisfaction in hiring your company or buying your product. You can learn more about testimonial videos here.

#5 Winning the market with Explainer Videos

explainer video illustration by whatastory

96% of viewers have watched explainer videos before buying the product or service they are interested in. That means a fair amount of people would not even consider buying your service if you don’t have an explainer video.

Remember, people are not looking to buy your products or services. They are looking to buy the outcome from it.

Here’s a great explainer video from eclincher, a top rated social media management tool.

There is no other way to let your customers know the beneficial outcomes of your products or services than an explainer video. You can use real people to convey the message or use animated characters with voice-overs to let everyone know how amazing you are at what you do or sell!

Thanks to tools like Videoscribe or Powtoons, you can easily create entry-level explainer or whiteboard videos with tons of pre-built templates. 

However, these tools come with a cost most of us can’t afford – time.

It makes more sense for businesses and marketers to hire professionals for the job.

#6 Understand your market niche in 2021

understand the market illustration

Needs change with time. In this Global Pandemic of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, people might not be looking to learn about travel packages or camping kits. This is an excellent time to promote your online digital products.

Understand what your target audience is looking for, and provide them a unique solution.

ROI speaks to the value you provide to your viewers and the exchange you get from them. It can be referrals, traffic, or sales.

If you own a high-ticket business like insurance or a car dealership, it makes sense to have a significant ROI and less traffic at the same time. 

ROI is the profit made on a particular investment.

There are two ways to maximize profits. If your product is high-priced, you can have a great ROI with fewer sales – Aim for the quality of your video ads.

On the other hand, if your product is low-priced, you need a significant purchase rate (people who are buying your product) to multiply the margin.

Once you find that high-ticket sub-niche in your trade, the process of generating high ROI becomes a piece of cake.

#7 Leverage Facebook and other platforms

different marketing platforms illustration

Facebook (and Instagram) marketing owns over 90% of the Indian market and 75% of the US market. It doesn’t matter where or what you sell, but if you’re not taking advantage of these platforms, you’re losing the game.

Facebook automatically advertises on Instagram (if you want) and can target the people who might be interested in your services or products based on various demographics.

While YouTube and Facebook are already dominating the video market, you can always try other platforms.

The more platforms you use, the more people will see your videos.

It’s time to explore and utilize platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, or even Twitter.

The best thing about using multiple platforms is you don’t even need to generate different content. 

#8 Don’t forget Call-to-actions overlays

call to actions illustration

CTA overlays are great for boosting your conversion rate. In most advertising models, you only pay for the number of clicks. CTA overlays help you with that. They are a great tool to get your message to viewers and your potential customers without concealing the message in the video.

It’s a little bit tricky to create CTA overlays on YouTube, so it’s not very difficult to ignore it.

Google might not allow uploaders to directly add overlays, depending on its policy when you’re reading this guide. However, you can use your “Google Ads” account to add CTA overlays easily.

  • Just go to videos you’re advertising and click add “call to action” button as seen in the image:

  • In the subsequent pop-up, add headline text and URL as per your desire. Add an image as an icon if you want. Once you’re done, save it and go to “YouTube Creative Studio,” and edit the video for which you wish to add the overlay.

  • There you will see an additional tab (added by Google Adwords) which was not there before. Here you can make the changes directly. This is a little weird coming from Google to hide such an essential feature from video marketers who are not using Google Ads.

You can also use “cards” on your videos to direct viewers to your landing page or wherever you need them.

#9 Thumbnails

thumbnail illustration

The idea is to increase the traffic, which can affect your ROI both negatively and positively.

Most videos out there feature a thumbnail, no matter which platform they are on. This thumbnail can be used to attract the people you need for an effective ROI. 

Although it is advisable to stay true to your brand identity and not use clickbait. As it might attract the wrong crowd and hurt your brand image.

Here is a quick 5-minute guide to help you make great thumbnails! Or hire freelancers to make them for you.

You should not experiment with thumbnails and stick to your brand colors and graphics. You don’t want people to get confused over your brand identity and the audience you serve.

Bonus #10 Hire a professional service

hire a professional illustration

Making videos and marketing them are entirely different things. Once you understand how videos are the essentials of marketing tools, consider hiring professional video production companies like What a story to do the job. Once you’ve hired the right production company, use a social media management tool to get the message out there at scale like eclincher for example.


  • Try to use teasers in your video ads. Let your viewers feel exclusive once you share the actual video with them once they click on your ads. This way, you can also filter out the weed leads and focus on your true targeted user avatar.

  • Through PPC ads, since you pay only when your ads get clicked, you can also save a significant amount from your advertisement costs.

  • Have an SEO strategy and stick to it. There is nothing of more importance.

  • Try to sell your idea or solution rather than focusing entirely on your product or service. Once your targeted user feels connected to you, pitch in your product. Believe in giving away a generous model of your service to create an empathetic relationship between your company and its customers.

  • Testimonial videos NEVER fail!

  • Incorporate your content or landing pages with testimonials in video form. It will improve your overall ROI dramatically.

  • Invest in explainer videos. It will expand your reach in the targeted market. 

  • Understand the niche you’re targeting. Research your keywords through that niche and create content following the trends of the market. 

  • Whoever says Facebook Ads are not effective in this pandemic is undoubtedly doing it wrong. Join Facebook groups explicitly dedicated to your niche or sub-niche and study closely what everyone else in your market is doing.

  • Call to action overlays help attract people who might be interested in your product or service.

  • Create thumbnails that attract and stick to your brand design.

Do you think we missed something? Let us know in the comments and get a free cookie.

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