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Trusted by tens of thousands businesses and marketing agencies around the world. eClincher provides a simple and efficient way to manage all your social media accounts in one platform. Offering tools like: publishing and scheduling posts, managing social media conversations and interactions with one inbox, auto publishing with smart queues, monitoring keywords, suggested content, and advanced analytics reporting. Integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Analytics, Canva, Zendesk, and much more. 

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Complete set of features

eClincher brings you all the features you need to manage your social media and online presence.

Social Media Management

Connect all your social media accounts in platform to streamline publishing, engagement, monitoring, analytics. Using eClincher is guaranteed to save you hours per week, so you can focus on growing your business.

Publishing & Scheduling

Publish and schedule posts to all your social channels. Simplified planning with visual calendar, draft posts and post approval workflow. Instagram direct publishing to business accounts.

Unified Inbox

Manage live interactions and conversations of all your social media accounts and beyond. See all your mentions in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Auto Post Queues

Guaranteed to boost engagement and save time! No need to schedule posts. Let Auto Post queues do the work for you. Recycle your best content or publish it once.

Auto Post RSS

Automatically detect and publish fresh new content from any connected RSS feeds. For example, auto publish your new blog post or your YouTube video to your social accounts.

Monitoring & Listening

Engage, like, comment, follow, and start new conversations with live social feeds. Monitor Keywords and hashtags across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Suggested Content

Use keywords to discover new content based on relevant topics. Create and save content feeds to quickly find and share the latest articles from the web.

Advanced Analytics

Automatically track and analyze social media and website key metrics. Use actionable dashboard and customized your own reports. Bonus: Instagram competitors report.

Discover Influencers

Use relevant keywords to discover influencers across Twitter. Reach out and engage with influencers to promote your brand, product or service.

Media Library Management

Upload your images to a dedicated secure cloudstorage. Use tags and descriptions to find images. Further customize your images with a full editor.

Teams & Agencies Collaboration

Team members get their own login credentials  to manage assigned social accounts or brands. Smooth collaboration with our inbox and post approval work flows.

And Much More

Includes auto link shortener from Google and Bitly, free stock images, animated gifs, image editor, Canva Integration, mobile app, chrome extension, and so much more…

Customer testimonials

eClincher is a lynchpin in our ability to provide a great service to our clients. Both myself and my creative director use it on a daily basis in order to schedule content, monitor competitor content and keywords, and produce reports. As an organisation it enables us to be hugely productive and it…

Adeline Garman,  Social Overload

Adeline Garman
Adeline Garman

“We have been using eClincher for around 4 years now. I can safely say it’s the best platform we have ever used and is now the only platform we have used since around 2017 with all our activity migrated over to eClincher. There are no hidden surprises, only issues related to the native social networks making changes. The team at eClincher is very quick to adapt and make the necessary changes to support API changes”

Jeremy Singer, CVM Digital
Jeremy Singer, CVM Digital

This platform is the best we’ve used (and we’ve used a few). We use eClincher to schedule posts and reply to messages on various social platforms. The reporting is wonderful! Easy to generate and easy for clients to read. The fact that they listen to our requests and work to make them happen lets me know that they are committed to their customers. We couldn’t be happier with the platform.

Soraya McKay, Vice President, Little Dog Advertising Agency

Soraya McKay
Soraya McKay

“We live in a world where we need to wear many hats and juggle many aspects of the business. How do we accomplish this? I’m running 49 properties across the country in different time zones with multiple social media profiles each. eClincher made this seamless by creating “brands” for each. It is so easy to use, integrates with my design tools, suggests relative content I can schedule on the fly, and has allowed my company to be nimble with an inbox that literally funnels likes, mentions, reviews, comments, PMs, and DMs in one place across social media platforms. ”

Jenn Guidry, Hunt Military Communities
Jenn Guidry, Hunt Military Communities

Which Social Media Management Software offers the Best ROI?

Source: G2 Crowd performed a comprehensive evaluation of actual customer reviews to determine Best ROI.

eClincher solves social media marketing challenges

“However, it’s not all these features that makes eClincher special.  It’s their Unified Social Inbox and their Auto Posting Queues that makes their social media management tool… SEXY!

“Instead, imagine being able to run your Ferrari by recycling your BEST performing content, so that your engine doesn’t even need gas AND actually starts performing better! That’s what eClincher does with your social media accounts… it allows you to run your social accounts like a high-performance vehicle using evergreen social solar power! ” …read the full article.

Eric E-Rock Christopher, The Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Aptgadget recommendation and product review

“If you’re looking for a tool that is designed with the user in mind then definitely try out eClincher. This social media productivity platform makes the overwhelming process of managing a few to a hundred social media accounts much easier.”

Social Media Hectic: No More!

“eClincher is just the all around, one man army and Swiss Knife every social media manager or owner loves. There is simply nothing it can not do! ” …read the full product review.

Fred Shirvan, Aptgadget

Aptgadget recommends eClincher, social media management tool

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