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So you realized that social media is super important for your business and in a streak of genius you hired a few people to help you manage it. You might have someone for your content, someone that designs everything, someone that manages your online community, someone that responds to all the online leads, etc.

How do you manage all of them?

Obviously, you need to put some structure in place and get some tools to help streamline everything. Here at eClincher, we have the right features that will make your life way easier, and boost the productivity of your social media team by x10.

1. Use a Unified Social Inbox

Having a unified social inbox is key. It’s the one place you need to look to find all of your social media engagement. You (or your online community manager) no longer need to log in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can find all of your DM’s, comments, shares, and new followers under the inbox tab.




The Social Inbox has a few more cool features. You can reply to each item or engagement event directly from the Social Inbox, you can also mark as completed, and you can view the profile and interact with the person directly on the particular social network.

When you click on the menu icon in the top right corner a small window will pop up that shows you all the profile information you need to know about the person (# of followers, # of following, posts, bio, site URL, public profile URL).




This feature gives you all the flexibility that your team needs. They can view each engagement in one place, and respond to each lead or customer quickly and efficiently.

2. Create Saved Replies

The more your team starts responding to your social followers the more they will find that they keep repeating themselves. There are always common questions that are asked – “how much do you charge?” or “how do you compare with company B?” or “what type of pet food is the most organic?”. Well, maybe not the pet food question.

Don’t you wish there was a button you could click and a saved answer would appear, so you wouldn’t have to type it in every single time? We’ve got just the button for you. check this out.


The saved reply feature allows your team to save their most used replies and paste them into the dialog box with a click.

how to automatically save replies on social media


3. Automatically assign items to team members

Now that you have a way to view all your engagement in one place and to save replies you need a way to manage your team better. There are several challenges to having a social media team:

1. how do you make sure that each customer is touched?
2. how do you make sure that no two team members respond to the same customer?
3. how can you track what each team member accomplished?

There are numerous tools out there that allow for better communication in teams and increase productivity (like Slack). But none of them focus on social media team and social media engagement.

eClincher actually has a feature that allows you to assign social media interactions to team members.




If you assign the item above to Ronit, for example, then you can click on Ronit’s team page and see all of the things that were assigned to her.

We are planning to launch more features, for example, an ability to track the productivity of each member, team member reports, and more.

Be careful

I can’t stress this enough. You need to be careful when you are hiring someone to your social media team. They have to have the right culture as you, to understand your company’s values, and to treat your customers the way that you do. That’s probably the most important skill for an online community manager or a social media rep.

Even more automation?

You know what else you can do to automate your social media engagement even more? You can create a chatbot for your business that can answer the basic questions. You can also use a chatbot to send your customers and followers weekly content.

Would a chatbots replace online community managers and social media teams? On the contrary, your weekly content via chat (sent with a chatbot) can help you spark conversations with your audience and keep your brand or business fresh on their minds.


Cheers ?



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