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eClincher + Pocket partnership

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with pocket to make it easier than ever for you to save and share content. This partnership is a major addition to eClincher and we are excited to see how it improves your experience with our tool. Check out our Pocket integration!

What Is Pocket

Pocket save interesting articles, videos and more from the web for later enjoyment. Once saved to Pocket, the list of content is visible on any device — phone, tablet or computer and within eClincher.

Pocket is the world’s leading save-for-later service and integrated into more than 1500 apps including Flipboard, Twitter, etc. It is available for major devices and platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, Kobo, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Windows.

How To Set Up Pocket

Step 1: Click on Add and Manage Accounts

Add Manage Accounts, eClincher

Step 2: Click on the Pocket logo

Add Manage Accounts popup. eClincher, social media management tool

Step 3: Submit your username and password or create Pocket account

Pocket authorization API with eClincher

How To Access Pocket

Once you add your Pocket account, you will access it in the Publishing tab. Once you click on pocket button, you will have access to all of your save-for-later content.

How to use Pocket with eClincher

How to install Pocket in your browser

Pocket extensions available for Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. If you use Firefox, Pocket is already built-in! Please click the link below to download the extension or learn more:

Pocket for Firefox

Pocket for Google Chrome

Pocket for Safari

Pocket for Opera

If you are using a different browser that isn’t listed above, such Internet Explorer, you can install the Pocket Bookmarklet to save to Pocket with a single click. Click here to learn how to install it:

How to Install the Pocket Bookmarklet

Pocket on devices. eClincher, social media management tool.

Mobile? Take Pocket with you.
Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire.

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