How to Add Facebook Call to Action Buttons

Sometimes you want your fans to do something specific, such as register for an event or sign up for your service. Unfortunately, it is often hard to direct users to what you would like them to do. Studies have shown that users are much more likely to click on Call to Action buttons than on links. Adding Call to Action buttons to your Facebook posts can greatly increase your click-through rate.

The options for a potential call to action buttons are:

  • Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Book Now
  • Download

Below is an example of the Sign-Up call to action button:

Facebook call-to-action button

Follow these 10 steps to add Call to Action buttons to your organic Facebook posts:

Step 1: Log in as yourself, not your page

Step 2: Open Google Chrome Browser and Visit: 

Power Editor is only supported on Google Chrome

Step 3: Click on “Download to Power Editor” located at the top of the page

Facebook Marketing

Step 4: Select the account you would like to post to, which is located on the left side of the page
Step 5: Click on “Create Post” and the following popup will appear:

Social media for business

Step 6: Fill out the required fields

Facebook advertising

  • URL: Enter in the URL you want users to be directed to
  • Post Text: Enter the text you would typically put in the header
  • Call to Action: Select which button you would like to use
  • Link Headline: View Picture Above
  • Display Link: View Picture Above
  • Description: Long version text to explain your business or offer
  • Ad Only or Shared on Page: Choose between an ad or a normal wall post

Step 7: Fill in target audience information (Optional)

Step 8: Click on Create Post Note that the post will not be published yet
Step 9: Preview your post by hovering over the post and then clicking it
Step 10: Publish the Post You will have the option to “Post Now” or to schedule the post for a future date

Adding Facebook Call to Action buttons can be tricky the first few times, but if you follow these 10 steps it should be easy. Experiment with different types of Call to Action buttons to see what works best for your business!


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