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Finding valuable, entertaining, educational, and relevant content can be a time-consuming task. Indeed, social media managers spend hours trying to find material for social media. And it’s important to do that to follow all the industry trends. Today’s markets are highly dynamic and disruptive – things happen fast!

Companies that have enough resources to hire a social media specialist probably don’t need to worry about finding fresh content. However, startups and SMBs may be limited in resources, so this comes as a challenge without the right tools and resources in place.

Content Curation

This process is called content curation, and it’s about gathering content around a specific topic from a variety of sources. Once you assemble it, share the material on social media with your audience.

The benefits of content curation are:

  • Growing your network.
  • Growing your business.
  • Staying informed.
  • Showing that you’re on top of the latest trends.
  • Being recognized as an expert.

If you’re struggling to find the right content that will be relevant and resonate with your audience, we have some suggestions for you.

  • Follow Industry Blogs, News, and trends

Every industry in the world has a focused new outlet. Larger niches even have multiple outlets. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, you need to stay on top of the latest visual design trends. So, you should probably follow Adobe Create Magazine, Canva, and Creative Market. These websites will help you updated on the latest and most important trends, news, and conversations within the visual design industry. Identify some of the best online resources from your sector, and check them regularly for content your audience with find valuable. Also, you can subscribe to their newsletter, and they will notify you whenever they post new content.

  • Twitter and LinkedIn

Twitter is an excellent place for finding fresh talking points and content ideas from your focus area. To share content and engage with people in real-time, retweet and follow the thought leaders and prominent names in your industry. Also, Twitter can be helpful when it comes to planning your content calendar. The platform’s search feature is very compelling. It enables you to search for content topics related to your industry and can help you find excellent content. LinkedIn also features excellent search capabilities and original content – try tapping into industry-related LinkedIn groups or LinkedIn Pulse.

  • Content Communities and Aggregators

When you open your web browser first thing in the morning, you should visit your favorite content aggregation sites and sift through the content. These websites can help you find content for social media for any niche – checkout Quora or Medium.

  • Quora

Quora is a great place to find inspiration and fresh content, even though it’s not a content aggregator. On Quora, people can ask various questions and get other members to respond with valuable information, yielding a resource for ideas for blog posts and social media content. Quora members can also respond by posting a link to some helpful content which you can further share with your social media audience. To get started with Quora, you need to sign up and start searching for industry-related topics. Once you start following the topics you want, each time you log in you’ll see more and more relevant threads.

  • Medium

Medium is a free blogging platform and is where different industry experts and bloggers publish their material. Check out the site’s Medium Collection sections. Go to their search page, type in your keyword, and it will show you the top content for your area of interest. Bookmark the page so you can quickly visit it to sift through their fresh content.

Aggregator websites make content consumption easier because they centralize the content influx. They reduce the time you’d otherwise spend on searching the web.

  • Share Other Posts from Social Media

You can find content for social media on social media, right? If you want to make the whole process quick, then this is the option for you. Whether it’s a Facebook share, Repin, or Retweet, every social network has a “Share” button. It allows you to share someone else’s content onto your social feed in mere seconds. If you have an active community on social media, you can also reshare user-generated content. All you have to do is create a branded hashtag and ask people to add it to their photo captions. You can also encourage them to tag you in visuals mentioning your brand or product.

  • eClincher

With eClincher, you can monitor relevant hashtags as well as conversations and mentions of you and your competitors. It can help you discover what’s new on social media and never miss a thing. To find content for social media, you can create, save, and monitor your custom search feeds. On the whole, the ability to search for specific keywords is critical for monitoring relevant topics.

eClincher comes with a Suggested Content Feeds tool that can help you discover new content by entering a search term or keywords. It’s a content aggregation tool which offers you a curated list of material in different categories that you can re-share.

After you gather all the links you’d like to share; you need to schedule your social content. Managing multiple social accounts gets easier with eClincher as the tool helps you streamline the entire process. It supports LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Blogger. Schedule all your posts and view your planned posts in a list or your Smart Calendar. Share the latest news, updates, and changes from your industry. By knowing that eClincher has your back regarding social sharing, you can concentrate on other core tasks.

Content is King and Queen!

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of best ways for finding content for your social media feed. With just a few hours per week investment – between checking your feeds while gathering material into your collection, and then scheduling your posts for the next few days – you’ll position yourself as one of the trusted sources of high-quality content.

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