Increase Video Views: Engagement Strategies Publishers Employ

Increase Video Views_ Engagement Strategies Publishers Employ (1)
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When it comes to video views, the most challenging task for video publishers and creators is to keep your audience engaged in your content consistently. Sustaining such a competition in today’s time, where not only the publishers’ creativity has been enhanced, but also the audience has started demanding unique and easy-to-access content. 

To maximize the network of video content and revenue in the long term, publishers need to find solutions for improving their engagement with their audience in a scalable and sustainable way. Most importantly, engaging with the content includes interaction with your published content through comments, shares, etc., responding to your native ads., and buying your merchandise. 

One of the best solutions to increase your video visibility network is to track video insights regularly. Digital publishers and editors have a goal to account for both engaging new and existing audiences through engagement metrics like total video views, completion rate, time of playing video, completion rate, real-time live viewers, etc. 

Merely tracking engagement metrics won’t help increase the views of your video content, just like tracking SEO without having a strong content strategy. As a publisher, you must stick to sustainable engagement strategies which will help improve the video engagement rate. 

Increase Video Views_ Engagement Strategies Publishers Employ

1. Engage Your New Audience With Quality Live Streams

Live streaming has always been a best strategy for increasing your viewers network, especially amongst new audiences. It helps publishers increase their content’s viewership and engagement for different audiences and time zones. 

The reason for the success of this strategy is publishing exclusive video content on live streams, which enhances your brand’s authenticity and credibility. You have multiple creative ways to publish live streaming content through live events on social media platforms, news channels, press conferences, and exclusive planned events.

2. Create Mobile-friendly Video Content

With a complete mobile-dependent consumer pattern, you cannot skip this strategy for increasing your video views online. Most of publishers have realized the importance of mobile-first, short, and snappy video content as the key to easily engaging today’s audience. 

Publishers must create platform-specific video content as a lead generation tool to attract viewers back to their primary source, which helps in monetizing content from a big engaged audience. You can use social media posts as a teaser to full-length video content on your website, which leads to more plays on the website where better-targeted advertisements can be broadcasted.

3. Publish Motion Thumbnails In Videos

Experts believe that video thumbnails can drive 15% more viewers than static thumbnails, along with improving your site experience. These short 5-seconds thumbnails allow viewers to automatically play it silently in the loop when the player is viewable. 

This provides publishers with the opportunity to offer an interactive part of the video as a preview to attract viewership easily. Also, publishers can utilize video preview assets apart from the video player as a part of other sites and applications to further involve the audience with your video content. You can also download Procreate brushes for creating more realistic motion thumbnails.

4. Use Engagement Analytics To Optimize Content Production

Increase Video Views_ Engagement Strategies Publishers Employ (1)

Using engagement metrics to track your video content’s performance is not enough. You need to step up your game by using engagement analytics to optimize your content production. 

The analytics dashboard provides you all the real-time insights on your content’s performance on various platforms – video views trends, viewership increment rate, watch-time analytics, real-time viewing analytics, etc. For example, your video content is published on social media channels, Youtube, and other websites. With the analytics dashboard, you can easily gauge your video content’s performance metrics on each channel, and also get comparison reports of your performance between each of them. 

Final Thoughts

Engagement of the audience through video content viewership is dependent on various factors, which can be easily gauged through effective engagement strategies.

Publishers have started shifting to customer-centric, user-friendly platforms that help in increasing viewership of your video content through simplified engagement strategies even on multiple broadcasting platforms.

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