Why LinkedIn Will Be HUGE in 2018

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LinkedIn has been quietly growing over the last few years. With the recent addition of content and the LinkedIn feed (similar to Facebook) where people can share their stories and life lessons, LinkedIn is gaining even more popularity than ever before.

We predict that the social network is going to explode even more in 2018.


1. Lead Generation

LinkedIn is strategically used for lead generation in every industry. Any person could go and search for people that they would like to sell their product or service to. They could then message them and start a conversation. A couple of nice additions by LinkedIn make this even more potent. First of all, you can strategically connect to people for a few months and then export all of them into a CSV file. Then you can target those people on social media, create a lookalike audience, or set up some email campaigns. All that information is available to you so go crazy.

Also, you can publish viral posts that get a lot of likes and comments and then connect with the people that liked and commented on them. If you write specifically for your ideal audience then you will attract those people that you want to sell to, and are more likely to buy your product or service.

You can also get leads by writing short versions of your longer posts and then offering the longer ones as a lead magnet. You can create a landing page using ManyChat that can build a pretty powerful chat subscription list.

2. Automation

There are a variety of LinkedIn automation tools, and unlike Facebook, they actually work. There are tools that can help you extract emails of 2nd and 3rd connections and ones that can help you get endorsements. One of my favorite tools is called LinkedHelper and it does everything you can think of.

Here is the short list: Connect and send messages to 50 people a day. Automatically endorse all your friends. Message all your friends and ask for a recommendation. Invite all your connections to your LinkedIn group Message all the members of a LinkedIn group

The best part is that LinkedHelper is super affordable. So go get it.

3. Video

LinkedIn Native Video is HOT right now and will get even more popular next year. It’s one thing to read a post from your favorite LinkedIn superstar but it’s a completely different thing to see them in a video. Video is also pretty versatile for any type of post. Here are a few things you can do with it: Set up a daily vlog and document your adventures in the B2B world. Interview other people in your industry to provide value to your audience. Do short video clips of tools, tips, and lessons you’ve learned this year. Create an unofficial commercial of a product. Apply for a job or describe a position that your company is hiring for.

Video can be literally used by everyone and anyone, and it’s going to take LinkedIn by storm.

LinkedIn Case Study #1 – Josh Fechter


Josh is one of my favorite people on LinkedIn because he literally provides more value than any other marketer or founder out there. Every single one of his posts is dripping with actionable tips that I can use to grow my brand, to do better in my social media strategy, and to make more sales.

Josh started out as a writer on Quora. He then migrated that entire audience over to LinkedIn and Facebook where he uses a brilliant tool called ManyChat that helps him build a HUGE chat subscription list. Here is the process: 1. Josh writes a compelling post on LinkedIn. 2. He offers more value in a link in the first comment. 3. The link brings the visitor to a ManyChat landing page and… 4. They click the button and land themselves on Josh’s broadcast list on Facebook Messenger.

Those people will then get a message from him every single week with a cool video, GIF, or value-packed post. And Josh really delivers. Every time I get his message I can expect a stellar post about some incredible strategies that brought him results.

Another great thing Josh does is constantly ask for feedback from his LinkedIn audience. Below is an example of a post in which Josh asked people to vote on their favorite cover for his upcoming book launch on ProductHunt. The post got 1,434 comments and 499 likes.

josh-fechter-getting-feedback-for-bamf-book-coverLinkedIn Case Study #2 – Allen Gannett


Allen is another incredible example of someone that squeezes the most juice out of LinkedIn. This guy not only started his own software company that makes an incredible tool for marketers and content writers, but he is also writing a book. In fact, he interviewed several well-known personalities using LinkedIn Native Video and used those video clips to compile a really cool-looking book. This is a super creative way to not only write a book but get attention along the way.


No doubt that LinkedIn is already the leading social media channel for B2B marketers and content. It will explode even more in 2018 because of the video, the lead generation capabilities, and because of the increased level of automation that you can implement on the platform. Download and start using LinkedHelper, it will blow you away.

What do you think? Is LinkedIn worth using? What successes or failures have you gotten from it? Let us know in the comments.

Cheers =)

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