NEW Feature – Assigning Items To Team Members

email marketing inbox

NEW Feature – Assigning Items To Team Members

email marketing inbox

As you may know, we have a unique feature on the eClincher platform called the Unified Social Inbox. The Inbox saves huge amounts of time by displaying all your audience social engagements (comments, tweets, pins, likes, shares, etc.)  from all of your various social media channels in one place. And this week we gave it a huge face lift with super powerful features for teams.

New Team Roles Assignment  

We added a new feature that allows you to assign items from the social inbox to a specific member. Here is a quick refresher if you don’t remember how to create a team.

To add team members to your eClincher account click on the menu on the right, and choose Team Members.

how to create team members with eClincher

Here you will see a drop down menu.

1. Write the name, email, and password for your new team member.

2. Choose which social media accounts they can view and/or edit.

3. Click save.


Now that you have created your team member click on the inbox tab on top. The broad use of the team member feature will allow your co-workers or clients to log in and use your eClincher account.

If you have an agency plan then you can assign your team mates to view or edit the brands that you are working with. If you are on the premier plan you will be assigning your teammates to view or edit specific social media accounts.

The most powerful feature of team members, however, is used to significantly boost your engagement through our unified social inbox.

When you go on your inbox you will see a list of the most recent engagements in the form of likes, comments, tweets, DM’s, etc. You can now assign each engagement to a team member on your team. Once you have created your team members, you will see them when you click on the assign it button. Then simply select the team member, and click ok.

For example, I assigned the recent message from customer “Tracy A Bush” to my newly created team member Tal.

how to assign a task on inbox to a team member on eClincher

Once you have assigned the item to the team member you will be able to see it in the drop down menu again. Click on the All Team Members button and when you choose “Tal Johnson” you will see Tracy’s message that I assigned to him. As a side note, every member can see all of the team members’ assignments, as well as all the items in the inbox.

how to switch between team members eClincher

Now you will be able to assign specific items to your team. The best part is that you will be able to see which items were completed by each team member, so this will not only increase the efficiency of your team but also your management and accountability. In the future we plan on releasing a team performance report that will measure the performance of each team member in the form of number of cases handles and average case time closure.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions/comments/concerns/emotional outbursts you can leave a comment below.


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