Regramming Instagram Images is AUTOMAGIC With eClincher

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Instagram passed 1B active users this year with more than 500M daily active users, and is the third most popular social media channel after Facebook (IG’s owner) and Youtube.  And there are over 8M businesses on Instagram, many taking advantage of the ability for users to shop via Instagram.  Instagram is becoming an increasingly important e-commerce tool in addition to being a critical social marketing platform.


Reposting images from other people’s posts is a great way to make fresh content and build relationships with your community of users, followers and prospects.  Now with eClincher, it’s easier than ever to find IG images/photos and ‘regram’ it to any of your social media outlets. Credit to the original poster is automatically embedded into your post by our platform. Optimizing your images for content on social media is so important! Just follow these steps when you’re ready to post:

1. Go into Monitor Feeds and click on your Instagram account for the source.


2. As you scroll through the IGB posts, and find the image that you like, you’ll see a “regram” link under the image.


3. When you click on this link, the publish window opens with the image attached with the original caption and the relevant crew (x:@username).  Write your post, publish and done.


4. You can post this regram to any of your social media channels.  Keep in mind that the regram credit will be to the username of the original content creator’s Instagram handle.

As always, it’s always a good idea to check with the original owner of the post that regramming their image is ok.  We would expect that which in almost all cases it should be – since most social media users welcome any viral sharing opportunity.  And this feature works both ways.  While it makes it easier for you repost, your users also can more easily regram your posts as well.  Goodness all around!

Try it out, and tell us what you think!

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